Wednesday 19 September 2018

You Smile


The day is not smiling. The sky is darkening. Anytime now the rain will pour.

Which means there would be no outdoor activity for me.

Have promised to make up a foursome for this.

But the rain foils our plan.


Its a blessing in disguise. By right I need to rest. My dental doctor advised me to limit strenuous activity temporarily while my gum is healing.

I'm in the process of replacing the biggest molar with an implant. That process is not completed yet. The bone has been built up and already healed. The titanium piece is already drilled in. The doctor said to let this second part of the process to completely heal before screwing the other attachment and the crown.

I need to be patient when chewing food. Slow gentle like a real lady. No hard food like the jambu batu. Meanwhile, a friend suggested I take a blender along when going for makan 😁😁😁

Let's while away the time and read some quotes by some famous people but the pictures are mine.

" Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond."

                                                                       - Miguel de Cervantes

"I was never afraid of anything in the world except the dentist"

                                                                             - Taylor Caldwell

                                                "Behind every smile there's teeth"



                                                  "Smile while you still have teeth"

Ok friends that's my short post for today.

" Keep calm and smile big."

Thursday 13 September 2018

PD Walk vs Putrajaya Walk

Hello friends

I like both places, Port Dickson and Putrajaya. Something that is to my liking is both places have interesting walking trails. And common to the two is that they have these trails by the waterside. Of course, in Port Dickson, it is by the sea and in Putrajaya, by the lake.

Taking a walk by the seaside or lakeside has many benefits. The water has a positive impact on our brain. It is calming and relaxing allowing us to be focused and reflective especially when walking alone.

In Port Dickson if you choose to walk on the sandy beach it might veto the calming effect of water. Why, because your feet keep sinking in the sand. All your concentration would be focussed on the extra effort you have to make to move forward. One good thing though by struggling you know you are getting more exercise and therefore burning more calories. Walking on the sandy beach is indeed a good workout.

If you are just taking a leisurely walk you would get the best from nature. Allow yourself to be caressed by the breeze. The sea air is supposed to have a healing effect and possibly can mend whatever there that is broken in you. It heightens your good mood

The scene is inspiring, the vastness of the shimmering water, the blue sky, the white clouds. And on the water edge, trees swaying in the wind and at times there are beautiful birds in sight. 

Of course, to me, the place is a little too familiar so there is not really the feeling of awe watching that vast sea but I would always enjoy hearing the sound of the waves or if it is in the evening the view of the horizon on sunset.

Back in Putrajaya, I experience the same kind of peace when walking on my favorite lakeside trail. But the place is too quiet. The lake water is calm unlike the sea water in PD where there would be roaring waves moving with the coming of high tide amidst the strong breeze. Here, there is no sound of waves to drown your gossiping if you are with friends. The wind is gentle, the water just ripples.

While you walk, occasionally you can hear the sound of the birds that don't fly much but just remain stationary there in the water almost like they are sleeping. It is like a lazy-fare situation but then it is good if you bring along a camera. Can always snap their picture.

Beware sometimes you might encounter a biawak the monitor lizard which is there to complement the ecosystem. Biawak used to attack our chicken in those early days in the kampung. I wonder whether the sleepy birds are easy prey too. How about the harm to us humans. But really it is nothing to be afraid of because your determined steps would just frighten and drive it away.

Anyway as I said earlier I like both places. I want to be here and I want to be there. How nice if I can be in both places all at the same time. But a human has only one life.

Although there are other more beautiful places in the whole wide world these two are beautiful enough for a raayat marhean like me.

So if you are picnicking in PD don't just sit there under the casuarina tree. Walk, move, move . . . take advantage of the nice walking trail laid out before you.

I always enjoy my PD walk and just had one the other day.  Am looking forward to enjoying my Putrajaya walk sometime next month when some family matters require me to be there in Putrajaya.

Happy walking. 

Friday 7 September 2018

The Flowers Never Wilt

Hi everyone

The flowers never wilt. Forever they are in bloom. Where? In the photographs.

Everybody knows that. That's why that day most people were busy taking photographs either with their camera or handphones. I included.

It was the annual flower show, The Royal Floria 2018 at Putrajaya. This one event which I have been waiting for has come and gone. The flowers must have wilted by now, even on the day I visited some flowers already wilted and shriveled. It is better that their images be captured in order to appreciate them more and all not just be forgotten.

Most visitors would only be able to appreciate the color and beauty of those flowers at the moments when they made brief stops in their saunter along the path. There were many flowers and garden settings so much so they made one to lose focus. You want to go everywhere, you want to see everything. In the end, you only got jostled in the crowd.

Anyway, I manage to point and shoot and so let's share some of the shots.

Hope you like the photos.