Saturday, 21 March 2020

What I do During The MCO


Today is the fourth day of the lockdown MCO - Movement Control Order. I don't know how other people respond to it but me biasa saja because staying home is what I do most of the time. Only on some days, I would go out for swimming, tennis or walking. And now with the MCO, I would just remain at home I can forgo those outdoor activities to support the nation in fighting against the Covid-19.

From what I read in the media some people are defying the order perhaps due to ignorance or boredom. Hey, there are so many things to do at home. Cleaning your house can be a good start to kill the boredom. Cleaning house can take hours and you burn calories too.

Those with young children can devise some games to keep the family stay active instead of allowing them to be glued to the tv or their gadgets.

Or cooking. The best activity one can think of but of course, don't feed yourself to fatness. If you bake a cake, just a small one please . . .

Anyway, some people find it quite hard to miss their breakfast at the Kopitiam or their favorite gerai, well, just like my man. He seems to be a bit restless and tries to find an excuse to go out, keep asking what provisions are lacking in the house, rice? asam? garam? heh

I suppose spending time in your backyard garden tidying up the plants is another good way to pass the time away. Or from your garden, you can continue your hobby of bird watching or plane spotting (not many planes flying above me now) Or if you rajin wash the car lah. Afterall life is not that boring. Whatever just keep within your own home.

Tidy up the garden

Or do bird watching

Or plane spotting

Or wash those cars

For us who have personal blogs, we have more time to write and pour out our thoughts. As for me when I have so much time my mind seems to not work well so I do blog walking just read my old blog posts and some times I cringe, what rubbish I wrote , haha but still I am quite proud for having written it instead of scribbling my thoughts on scraps and later throw it away. 

Below is part of my old blog post. That time was when I felt miserable when contracted just the normal flu. . . 

It is good you are happy with life everything falls in place and sometimes good things fall on your lap and make you feel like sitting on top of the world.

In many instances when your mind is at ease and thinking that nothing else is there to disrupt your tranquility there sure is something to surface and rob away that good feeling. Then you are feeling low again.

It could be your health.

You wonder where you contracted this cold virus. Is it from some of the people you meet at those many raya open houses that you attended?

Nowadays people take to the trend of hugging, embracing and rubbing cheeks when expressing greetings at social meetings or gatherings. Some overdo and plant a kiss. Never mind sincere or not. Something new acquired by our people. Or maybe I am just one old woman ignorant of social graces.

Mmmm greetings
Well for me hugging and pecking on the cheeks are only for daughter and cucus, and close relatives and long time friends I seldom meet to express love and happiness. For others, a handshake or a salam is sufficient to show cordiality.

But then when people approach you happily with arms open to embrace you and straight go peck your cheeks to express their pleasure in meeting you how can you withdraw. How can you kill all the excitement? And you get it from almost everybody not just the welcoming gesture of the hostess.

My conclusion is as good as yours, such close physical contacts, that's how the virus got transmitted.

Catching on cold and cough can really make you feel down. And downtime too in all the things you like doing. Feverish. With all the congestion inside and the lungs trying to cough out that's what makes you feel miserable what more with the hackings all night long disturbing your sleep.

Mmm let it be, let the cold runs its phase ten days at least usually for me. Feeling low on such a little reason is not so much distress. I should be thankful and gratified at the sustenance and safety endowed upon me in this beautiful life and of course of the occasional extras that can make one feels being on top of the world.

When at the top enjoy looking down
Enjoy all the perks
But its a precarious position
Sometimes top place need to be shared
If not its quite lonely
Would anyone envy

When you get sick you go to talking nonsense. Forgive me if I just did. Sometimes you see the truth when you are feeling low.

I just wish myself to get well soon.

Health and happiness to all readers.

Bye . . .

That post was published 3 years ago.

The Covid-19 is said to be very contagious so we should be more careful.

Take care.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Will The Brightness Come Again

Adli and father enjoying the brightness of the day

The day was gay and bright 
but a strong wind came to bring forth the cloud
the cloud was dark
and then rain poured with all its might
each time the lightning struck 
we look up to the sky with fear in the heart

Never to fear 
don't you know; weather goes in a cycle
after the wet then a dry weather
after the darkness, brightness appear