Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Saturday, 6 March 2021

My Monstera Stays Green.

Its been hot days for weeks and the weather condition seems to continue to be so as there is no sign of rain coming. 

The grass in my small lawn is yellow, drying and dying. There is so little green grass left. 

The trees that I have, the gaharus, cempaka, mulberry, the belimbing buluh are shedding so much leaves. I hope they don't go bald. 

But the dukong tree is doing fine. 

Other plants which grow here are also not doing well. The sun loving hibiscus are also shedding their leaves. It is natural for them to shed leaves during hot dry weather but there is one that makes me worry. It is looking extra limp. It doesn't help even if I drench it morning and evening. Anyway to be safe, not to let it go extinct here I have taken stem cuttings to try to grow new ones.

Plants that are parked under the trees are also limp by afternoon, except the anthuriums which remain steady. 

And there is one, come what may will stay green and fresh and lush.

It is the Monstera.

This plant is looking ever so strong conquering the dukong tree on which it finds support. It is sending out shoots everywhere even on the ground. 

The climbing stem around the tree trunk looks like snake. It might be mistaken for one because it looks so real. It gives me a fright sometimes especially when I am lost in thoughts and suddently looking up and found the 'snake' above.

There are times when a real snake comes but so far I have seen only the green ular lidi. Its not really scarry because it is so small and its color stands out quite distinctively. The Monstera leave is darker while the snake is light green and a little shiny.

The Monstera has been greening my compound for many years already. The starter plant was just a cutting given by my florist friend. My Monstera's growth is not much being disturbed, I don't keep plucking the leaves for floral arrangement like my friend does. Mine should have overshot hers in growth. Must check.

Lately many people show interest in this plant but they buy artificial Monstera to decorate their home. I think it is better to have the faux because it will remain green without much bothering the owner should the real Monstera is to be placed indoor. Maybe the only problem is it collects dust if it is left unattended for too long. Or may be after some time you feel cheated by the fakeness.


The above part of this posting was written days ago. And I am continuing tonight because I am inspired and feeling happy that rain has come. Around 5 pm the weather was not hot anymore. And it was nice to play tennis in such condition unlike on the previous days we had to endure the heat as the sun was still strong at 6.30 

I think if the plants can talk and feel they will express their gratitude too that rain has come. And very soon the grass will spring back to life and green the surrounding as the Monstera does.

Overgrown Monstera

Hot but beautiful evening

Ok got to stop here. Need to go do my other hobby 😊. The electronic keyboard is taking quite a lot of my time. 

Till next postng.

Stay healthy. Stay happy.