Thursday, 18 July 2019

Walking In Circle

Hi friends

Went for a walk at the usual place. The same place as the many previous days. Sounds boring but it is better than to be enclosed in the gym trudging on the treadmill. Walking in the open is so much the better.

Though many have adopted the gaya hidup sehat active lifestyle sometimes I still find the place is quiet with only myself walking there. However, I like it this way because I can then have the whole track to myself.

I sound selfish.

It's not that actually . . .

You see, the track is circular and quite narrow. It's not like the track you find in a stadium. This one is small and humble and cannot accommodate many people unless you walk in a single file. Well not really, just exaggerating, if you go two by two like school kids it is still 😐ok. 

So people walk on the small circular track, and within 5 minutes of brisk walking, you'll make one round already. You got to walk many rounds to sweat. Some people walk like zombies but some don't and are quite communicative, some are familiar faces.

Problem is if I can call it a problem, some people decide to walk in the opposing direction. At many points, you are sure to meet. At the first approach, there will be a hi or a hello. At the second maybe a smile then another meet again maybe a nod.

Well, we always try to be polite . . .

How about on subsequent rounds? Do you have to smile and/or nod every time you pass the person walking in the opposing direction? Weird isn't it.  Overdone and kind of funny. Or must I just look the other way or hold my head high and just ignore.

A small dilemma and so unimportant to be thinking about but I can't just brush it aside when caught in that awkward situation.

It can be comical and makes me want to chuckle in the inside when my mind starts imagining things. Have you ever observed two rows of ants crawling in opposing direction? Yes, they randomly stop and touch and then continue on their way.

Though I find it funny to return the gesture ever so often I would try to curb the urge to laugh.

Well, this morning there was no one sharing the track with me but I walked just a little. I sat to watch the morning scene and my mind imagining.

Cool like ice.

Till next entry . . .