Tuesday, 8 March 2022

In The Stillness


In The Stillness

In the stillness of the night

the blurry images surfaced

of faces

some i regonized not 

some i did as if time had not passed

and i was there (!)

in the crowd that slowly formed

that broke into smiles and laughters

chattering and giggling

about nothing 


what were we talking about

what were we laughing at

what was it so hilarious

so ambiguous




soon as everything faded into nowhere

i realised 

it was just a reflection of my uncoscious

Saturday, 1 January 2022

The Pandemic Scare Has Waned (?) Life Goes On

 That's what I think the people are not scared like they did during the past monthes. People seem to feel free going here and there. 

My area has begun to get a lot of visitors. The past weekends I saw huge crowd at the beach. 

The traffic has become heavy and its a hassle for us the locals to go around smoothly like usual. But its ok it makes the place feel cheerful and festive. 

Some of my friends feel troubled by the high taffic that  they choose not to come out on weekends. So on Saturday very few come for tennis. Our monthly tournament also was resheduled to a Friday. 

By the way the last tournament we had was so much fun for everybody of course to me since me and partner managed to crawl up to a satisfying win after being left so far behind during the most part of the game. The long stay-at-home order that possibly brought about sluggishness did not make us stale at the game.

The club swimming pool is also always full to the limit of the SOP. I have not gone for swimming for so long, never at the pool and only once or twice in the sea. As I am proned to attack by the sandfly or other tiny creatures in the sea water I choose not to go swim there anymore. Just get exercise on land.

Yea, like gardening. But the heavy rain has started to come. Can't do much. But my area has good drainage so no flood happen except  a few places had minor flood.

My bird watching cum photography also takes a back seat. I don't go out much with my camera. Just look around from my home. Not many birds come except the common black starlings feeding on the cempaka fruits and the fan-tail robins, most the time are here in my garden flying low and appearing so tame. The Hornbills passed this way only once or twice. 

Since the pandemic I am more into my new hobby which takes a lot of my time. Getting crazy over it. Got challenged by it especially when I think I am getting older and slower. Am not defying the time and nature but that's it if something is hard to do the more you want to do it.

The other day I bought a portable digital grand piano. A Yamaha DGX 670 to replace my Yamaha keyboard EW 410. Not that the keyboard is not good enough but well its just that crazy old lady, me.

So now I am hard at work of self learning to justify the buying. 

me trying out the new digital piano
( use headphone/earphone ya, don't know why so much noise if without)

Actually no regrets because I like it so much , its beautiful. good look good sound. Only thing is I need to explore more to know its various features that can help my play become nice to the ears.

Today is the first day of a new year. Rain from last night till now. There was no firework blasts to usher the new year last night .... except for a few faint fire crackers . . .

Gone has 2021 an annus horribilis

Lets hope for a 2022 an annus mirabilis . . .

 Meet again at next entry.