Friday, 31 August 2018

That Special Day

A special day for everyone belonging to this beloved nation. The Merdeka is here again. 31 August. Let's pray and hope for a brighter and better future for our country. Let there be peace as it has been always. Let there be understanding goodwill and love all around. Sayangi Malaysiaku.

Happy Merdeka Day!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Gaharu

Greetings to dear readers

The other day when surfing the internet I came across a blog entry which captured my interest. 

The article is about the gaharu, a jungle tree that I also have in my house compound. We also have many more trees planted on our land in the kampung. That was what made me read on.

We had the trees planted in the compound at the request of my son. He got the saplings at an agriculture course he attended.  It was some sort of a trial and from the start, the saplings grew quite well. Actually, I was skeptical about growing it in the compound but I was assured that the roots dig straight down and not spreading and invasive. 

Later he bought hundreds more to plant in the kampung. Initially, everyone was quite excited about this venture. At long last, our neglected piece of land in the kampung would be put to good use. 

It was all his ideas and now that he is too busy with work or perhaps he is focusing on something new, the trees are just left mostly to thrive on their own. They keep on growing without we seriously putting much effort to care. We have to travel quite a distance to the kebun. We can't be going there often. Anyway, some trees are ok but some look pitiful. 

Now I don't really know what's going to be done next especially to the ones growing here at home. They are growing higher and higher but not really matured yet. According to the article in the Anim Agro blog, a matured tree would be 40 meters high and 60 cm in diameter. Ours is only 60 cm in circumference. But the height is already frightening as it is quite close to the house. Hope it is not a mistake to grow them there.

To me, the trees in the compound are already too big and too tall for the space. They reach higher than my two story house. At that height, it is always a worry when there is a strong wind. Fell the trees? 

The tree is supposed to have value. Someone may incur losses if I chop it down. Wonder if there's anyone around to buy our trees. People make perfume out of the tree. Of course, it has to go through many processes before you get the perfume.

I was told that this jungle tree is strong and the trunk stems and branches don't break easily but if they are tall and heavy with branches and leaves and keep swaying and swinging when there is a storm would you not worry. I am. 

I have also thought, being strong the gaharu tree is resistant to termites. But then one of the five trees that we have here was infested by the insects.

The tree, the biggest one, became yellow (the leaves) and died leaving the trunk standing like a leaning tower but later I felled the whole tree heh.

My nephew once asked me how I managed to fell the tree and avoid the house since it was leaning towards it. He was amazed at my strength when I told him I just pushed it the other way💪💪💪😁😁. . . but in reality, it was light - all hollow inside . . .

Anyway, I am quite ok with the remaining trees as the threatening weather comes not too often. I easily forget my fright over its swaying and swinging when the weather is back to fine.

I should be happy at least they help to cut off the harsh afternoon heat, though of course, I would like to see and want more of the benefits for planting them in the first place. 

Taking shade in the gaharu tree

Wonder when those trees can make us rich 😉


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

One At A Time

Hi everybody

It comes one at a time
What comes one at a time.
Uh, that's my hibiscus . . . the flower blooms only one at a time . . .

Only this particular hibiscus plant of mine behaves like that. My neighbor's plant has multiple flowers in one go. Am jealous. But then, hers, the flowers are smaller compared to mine. Quietly I am proud.

This hibiscus is like a rose. It has more petals and definitely bigger than the ordinary hibiscus which usually has single layer whorl of five red or pink petals. 

The color is bold orange but sometimes from a different angle the flower appears pinkish to my imperfect eyesight. In fact, I love it when the hue is more pinkish just as I love the pinkish glow of the evening sky.

How unfortunate, this beauty does not last long, at its prime only for a day or two. Do not miss it, appreciate while it lasts.

My hibiscus plant is sharing the pot in which it grows with the turmeric plants which are thriving and competing against it. 

To make the hibiscus thrive better I need to pull out the turmeric to give more growth space for the hibiscus. To separate them may cause damage to the roots of both. I sayang both plants.

Why plant the turmeric in the same pot you may ask.

Well, in the beginning, the hibiscus grew so very slowly. The big pot looked empty, the reason why the fast-growing turmeric was planted there. 

Perhaps I should let the turmeric just be there. Now that the whole lot of plants are growing vibrantly why disturb it. Better to maintain it.

The solution is to grow another hibiscus plant in a different pot. That's it.

But then I need to take a cutting, uh which branch should I cut. If I have a choice I don't want to cut it at all.

Since I want another plant and that's the only way I know how to propagate it then cut it I must.

Just do it though precious as it may seem to me. Take a cutting stick it in the soil in another pot. That's it. And hope it would grow better than the original plant.

Even if later the flower comes only one at a time then with two plants I can hopefully have two flowers at a time . . . (chuckles)

That could be joy enough for a simple soul . . . 


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

That I Is Not Me

I have wanted to say out but
I dare not
stifled by my own cowardice? Nope!

I want to keep my self-interest intact
which I feel is my absolute right

I stood by and just watched
the burning anger the unbridled wrath
like the hot spilling broth
heated by continuous fire

Now I look at the mess in disdain
at a distance
nothing touches my hands . . .