Saturday, 5 June 2021

Living in Sync

I used to think that the movement restriction whether the tight, the tightened or relaxed ones don't really affect my daily life. 

But after more than a year of living in such situation I begin to feel what other people might already been feeling, the stress of living in such a dictated way.

Our freedom to live the way we used to is curbed not only by the country authority but also by our own fear and anxiety.

I would in the past be enjoying tennis in the evening. Maybe in the morning I would have gone for swimming. Not that I cannot also go for a beach walk but the fear that the virus is everywhere scare the wits out of me. It ends up me not doing anything.

Of course there is the gardening to do. But my garden is just a small one and therefore now has nothing more left for me to do. Even if there is I tend to idle. I think boredom is setting in.

I know I am only thinking about frivolous matters. Not so much the urgency to address it. 

Its in the news that the pademic situation is really badly affecting the people in many ways. 

The loss of job is one. Lost in investment and etc. It is real that people finds it hard to live like they were used to, standard and quality of living have gone down. They are now cloaked in fear not only of the virus but also of their economy that is sliding downhill, may be I should say falling. 

The area I live in is also declared a red zone. There are many confirmed Covid cases. Heard that there are a few serious ones still in the ICU.  Hope they will recover.

Sad., last week an old friend lost to Covid 19. 

Its a relief  that the govt has declared a total lockdown and hope it will be enforced strictly in the true sense of the word, but it doesn't seem so. Can the chain be broken?

How I wish . . . 

Ah no point thinking and wishing as I am a powerless nobody. 

I have to be a good citizen and do my part.  

I will stay home.  

Just may be can do bird watching from my kitchen . . .

That must be the same bird again. Came over here a few times. 

I think it is looking for a new place to build a nest. The dead tree on whcih it dug  holes to stay has been chopped off by the land owner.  

Of course the bird had never pay any rentals. 

You are welcome to stay here in my garden :))

Stay safe.