Friday, 14 July 2017

Blue Kingfisher Blues

The Kingfisher
The kingfisher perched high on a casuarina branch

Walking along the beach at the sea front
My feet would sink in the soft loose sand
It slows me down
Making  me stop and stand and look around

There perched on the kasuari branch
I have seen many a time
A bird glowing blue shone by the morning sun

Sometimes you appear without a sound
Sometimes your shrieking can reach the ground
I know, you are calling a friend
I hope to meet up with more of your kind

Then you would disappear, flying away at lightning speed
Though doubting your coming back , I would still patiently wait
And as my patience is running thin
There you unexpectedly soon come again

Ah . . . you are back alone without companion
Though you keep calling with your piercing sound
And a mouthful to share to bait attraction
No one seems to pay any attention
It is okey friend
Here I am . . .

The Kingfisher
The Kingfisher 


  1. My kampung people called this bird burung kekek udang.

  2. Burung raja udang mama panggil. Cantik betul

  3. nice word!

    and beautiful creature, Subhanallah!

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