Friday, 21 July 2017

Burn Them

Hi all

I am now on a crusade. Any available time I have it will be spent on efforts to accomplish that mission. It is hard I know and I must not give up when things don't seem to move. I keep reminding myself never to get discouraged if I falter along the way.

Am quite happy with the efforts I made so far because there are signs of success though I know real success will only come with patience honesty and good thinking.

Patience means I must wait and understand that to undo a  certain thing that has been there for years is not as easy as clicking the undo button on the computer.

Honesty? I must not cheat though sometimes we humans may succumb to temptation. Must have a strong heart by which I mean strong will power.

Good thinking?  With access to all sorts of information and facts, right or wrong, and differing opinions we need to filter them. We need to use a lot of common sense . Caution should be exercised so that we are not misled.

Yes angina-like symptoms and a pounding heart beat is a very frightening experience . All this while you think it only happens to other people.  Accept the fact that there is strain and stress and wear and tear to the "machine" that has been working for so many years even though you thought you nourish and take good care of it. Though the pounding doesn't come too often it is just common sense that I need to do something to address the problem.

So you see one important step that need to be taken seriously is to reduce the extra burden the body is carrying. The fats that has been piling on over the years I think has become too stubborn and too sticky and that has played havoc to the organs, clogging vessels and hampering cellular functions inside there contributing to the unhealthy condition which causes the pounding heart. Pounding, not just flutter, mind you. Many things are not right as the lab test shows. True, the culprit is the fats. Burn them those fats!!

The limited hours of tennis and swimming and dancing exercise that I put in is not enough to melt down the fats and shrink the fat cells. I have to add more hours for physical activities. That was why I stated earlier that at any time free I would use it to put more efforts to get these fats burnt. Meaning that the time when it is so nice to curl on the sofa and laze around will instead be activated by whatever physical which will raise the metabolism.

Lets go exercise!!
It is good to have a fit ball at home. You can sit wobbling on it while reading blogs. You can roll on it if you have flexible body. Me, an old woman, the body is supple no more so I will just bounce it basketball style. Keep bouncing it until you sweat. The action would become smooth and voluntary after some time which then enable you to dream away to kill the boredom of the repeated action.

If I listen to the music I won't just be lying or sitting and listening. It is good to tap your feet, remember those who have restless foot syndrome are mostly pencil thin. That's what I notice anyway. It has got something to do with their restless feet, I believe.

If nobody is watching get up and move your body . Enjoy. Shake and sway to the rhythm of the music. Or pretend you are a prima donna performing on stage to a song such as the one below, be as expressive as the the vocal and s-t-r-e-t-c-h . . .  tai chi style, to the high and low of the melody  hehehe.

If somebody happens to notice your weird way ignore them , they just don't understand your desperation.

But don't overdo lest your heart will start pounding. The idea is to move moderately, at times intensely, so that the calories would keep burning.

Well these extra moves and plus some housework help burn calories. 

I am thinking of getting a hula hoop, just to add variety, but I wonder whether I still can twirl that hula hoop around my body. . . hah hah hah . . .

The second part of my crusade is dieting. By the way  I call it crusade because to lose weight requires really, really great efforts. It is a struggle. You have to put heart and soul into it otherwise it will be a failure, a frustration. Have you ever seen the weight loss program on the TV? Well I am having one, my own hehehe.

I was advised to eat like a goat. A big percentage should be greens and raw is better.  Cut down carbohydrate.  No fried food. No cakes and cookies. No kerepek.  With so many restrictions can you tahan? I have to. No cheating. Just think, a few pieces of kerepek pisang gone into your body has calories that requires so much efforts to burn them. It is better not to consume. Curb the urge to binge. Munch on fruits.

Bulbul enjoying mulberry fruits

Sometimes friends too have lots of tips. Many share their experience, their own or their mother's or their father's. Some very highly opinionated.  Some are conflicting just like what I read somewhere someone said milk is for the babies and cow milk is for the cows. All along I thought milk is good for adults too and non cows . . . sigh . . .

The evidence that my effort is paying off is in what can be seen and what can be measured and most important of all what the latest lab test indicates. So far the results are encouraging. The triglycerides is down a good percentage meaning some fats did melt off, rid off. The best thing is I feel light and feeling better health wise .

Hey now I am thinking whether the good thing that happens is due to my exercise and diet efforts or is it due to the supplements I am taking. Which is supporting which.  It is all about economy. Exercise is free. The supplements and the tests and the consultations with the nutritionist at the wellness clinic don't come cheap. But then when you get alarmed over your health status to whom do you go if not to the professionals.

 Lo . . . I have written quite a long entry hope you find it interesting. . . just like to share my experience with you dear readers.

Now sweat it out with these music . . .


Phew . . .


  1. Hula hoop is not berkesan sangat. Use rim basikal. It helps a lot. Sata agak je because never tried.

  2. * Saya agak je because never tried.

  3. I need exercise too.. but when to start? hurmmm.