Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hi friends

Old people have tasted more salt they say. Meaning they have more experience, they have seen many things and have more knowledge. Really?

As you live through the years you just try to manage the everyday things that are of the immediate concern to you, yourself, your home your family. Outside that sphere you know nothing and you don't really care.

Soon after when you are retired or free from those responsibilities you look back on life and realized that all these while you have missed so much and you know so little and then  you might be overwhelmed by regrets.

And one regret might be that you have not studied hard or smart enough to gain entry to the sekolah tinggi which allow you to have a better life.  Yaaaah I never step into university . . . Ahh during my time so few people get into university anyway . . . Call me sour grapes . . . haha.

Lucky are those who can gain entry here

Inspirational tour. exposure at an early age
And then you also realized that you were not observant enough and that makes life before were just boring existence. To prove a point, you only now know that there is a bird of this nature, it has a red patch on its tail . . .

Not that it is so important that you must know this but . . . but you feel great when you can show off to your friends that at this age you are still bursting with life that you still have interests and not just hibernating in a shell.

And when you get a message like this off you go . . of course . . .

Well friends my entry this time is like gila gila . It must be the hangover from too much lemang and ketupat and the rendang.

So forgive me but I still hope that you enjoyed reading the entry.

Bye . . .