Saturday, 1 July 2017

Raya - Going Home, Coming Home, At Home

Salam Raya to all

I have started composing this entry a few days back but only get to continue today. Its raya . . .

Now everyone has gone back to work though some continue their holidays else where, don't we have 30 days to celebrate? As for me, a retiree, I have the luxury of time but not of money to take me to places but then its ok I like just being at home, just appreciate the pictures sent . Anyway you can get rain and sunshine where ever you may be.

This time as usual our celebration started on the eve with the takbir raya and since this time my house was the last destination it was already late when everything done and the group left. One am? Two am? But it's ok because that's one of the ways you can do if you want to have the feel, the spirit of Aidil Fitri, and to bring upon the mood of raya into your home.

A moment like this would remind you of the time long gone. Those days as the raya was nearing I would be busy preparing to balik kampung. With the family was still very young, mother busy, father clumsy, children making tantrum sometimes, you can imagine the situation and going home was a must. What with the bad winding road and the heat and the dust and sometimes the rain. You need to be tough to endure the long journey, or else your fasting will terburai,  remember, that time there was no highway and no RnR.

Actually no one forced us to undergo such a hectic tiring routine to join the rush every year but when it was time its just in you to join the exodus. You would not want to be left behind and realized that only your house was lighted at night. And you wondered why that missing feeling.

Whatever, everyone was on the go. Destination was home. Balik kampung was a must.

The situation now when the family has matured, the children have left the nest, from my point of view home is a vacuum waiting to be filled come hari raya. The otherwise quiet place burst into life as the car door opened and out came the girls. Just like in the TV ad aha. The home coming was a sweet moment though we do quite often meet. My mother must have felt the same a long time ago, I think. So the rush of balik kampung was worth it after all.

How about a situation where you have a family coming back to you and you yourself need to go back and see families and kins left in the kampung. Do you need to do that. As a person in the middle generation you sometimes feel it tough to full fill this unwritten rule. It is hard to oblige and then be called a benevolent person(?)

No doubt a celebration like this is best if all including the extended family can be together but at certain time in your life you want things to be done your way, call me selfish, never mind, that on the big day you are at home, and stay home celebrating with your very own family and get to entertain own siblings and own friends who come to visit.

Let not our own home be closed and appear lonely. Let our own home exudes the warmth and spirit of hari raya. A picture of rejoice. So stay home!

And this time I had it my way. It was nice to be in my own setting, us sitting around the table chatting over good food, cracking jokes and laugh our hearts out. And talking about non serious topics that go on and on randomly but no, no malice but full of goodwill. All happy and so relaxing in your own home.

chirping over food
Indeed Aidil Fitri is a time to celebrate and rejoice and in ways we are most comfortable with. Well I have been through many rayas but at the end of Ramadhan every year I would still be anticipative of the day.

Hope you too enjoy this Hari Raya.


  1. "Well I have been through many rayas .... " You said that.
    How many rayas you hv been through?

    Hahaha, gurau. Selamat hari raya.

  2. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri ;-)

  3. Going Home, Coming Home, At Home. Sherlock Holmes.

  4. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin....