Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hello all

To some people cooking is a chore.To some it is an activity they enjoy very much one which can brings out the creativity in them. Of course then you get to enjoy what you have cooked.

Eat to live or live to eat. I suppose both apply to me. You have to eat when hungry. One way of entertaining yourself when bored you . . .  eat.

You can act like a lady of leisure if you can pay somebody else to do the cooking and then dutifully she will serve the food to you.  How very nice. Its so much better than you yourself having to toil in the kitchen.

You can buy food from the many vendors and eateries but their food is not to your standard or taste despite being quite pricy.

Or you could have a culinary spread on the dining table at a famous restaurant that can make you forget you're dieting. But then the cash you have to fork out will make your eyes roll.

So do it yourself. Cooking for yourself it is. Cheap. I don't mean be a cheapskate. Have all the best ingredients. Cook with love even if you have to cook not only for yourself.

As for the retired person who is not having much, trifty is the word. Things got to be culculated to avoid wastage. Budgeting is the way to go. Portioning the food will avoid overeating. Good for the pocket and good for health too. Do I sound miserly. I am just cutting the coat to suit the cloth.

Below is one simple menu for a trifty person.

Cook once keep half for next meal save time cooking gas and water 
Fresh ingredient
No cost
Combine the two add salt
Puree them

Tasty simple sambal

A stir fry vege to complete a trifty and  simple healthy menu

The fact is everyday cooking can be quite boring.

Cooking everyday dishes don't really give you the joy as in baking.

Regard cooking as a hobby just as baking is then it won't be a chore though it is quite difficult to come to terms with the fact that most of the time you have to cook. In a situation where you force yourself all that you cook seems tasteless. Don't throw that pot of curry away.

Forget it . Go out and have fun.

Come mealtime the hunger will make you savour everything regardless the taste.

My tennis kakis enjoying their game
Go here enjoy the beautiful day 
Be a little adventurous

Or just watch the shrike having a meal . . .

First look around 
Choose one
And aim for it
The catch
Mmmmm . . . 

Eat wisely be healthy.

Bye . . .

Friday, 21 October 2016

Go Swim

Hello again

Few days back there was a metereological warning that there would be a high tide phenomenon heavy rain and strong winds and high waves. Avoid beaches.

The rain came hard and heavy but only a short while and when everybody was still sleeping.

Came morning there was no more rain except for some dark clouds which also was moving away.

 7.00 am sky
Responsible for rising tide

I decided that I should not miss swimming .

Of late since I have this nagging shoulder pain my trip to the pool has become less frequent. Now that it feels better I should swim as often as before . Don't I want to swim as well as this guy? Stealth quiet and efficient.

I am always imagining that I swim just as graceful heheheh. In reality of course I don't. Anyway I try to improve. One way of doing it is to go to the pool often and try to practise the correct technique as shown in the many swimming videos from reliable sites on the youtube. 

Swimming without stress can make me feel refreshed and light. It helps to relieve the aches and pain of old age.

Swimming is a recreation which I never regret taking up. I don't have to sit at the pool side watching swimmers like a life guard does. I jump in there at the slightest chance.

Most people like to go to the beach. And when at the beach why should you busy yourself cooking and then eat and then snooze or just watch the sea water . You can go in there and have fun swimming because you can swim.

One of the many makeshift barbeque pits found on the beach
Dozing off?

Pigeon gracing the beach in fine weather

I strongly recommend recreational swimming as an activity because it has healthy benefits and can make you feel good.

As for us the older ones, how long more can we go on jogging or brisk walking, badminton or tennis? On land exercise gives impact on our failing joints. What's best?  Swimming it is. Never too late to learn. 

So go get your swim wear and head for the water!

Keep swimming and be happy.

Bye . . .

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Hawk Landed

Hi all

Usually I see this bird perched high on the tree. On that bare tree and nobody can miss spotting it. What more with the no ending squeals.

On some days it perched there for hours. Looked haughty and unconcerned.

This bird sure looks superior. It is big. It has powerful legs and sharp claws and of course those eyes better than 20/20 vision. And I thought with all the 'weapons' it has it would attack just any other bird that comes near.

Its call is very loud and wailing.  Other birds should be scared to death of this hawk. But no it is quite gentle doesn't show that it is quarrelsome. Or may it is just timid or lazy so contrary to its superior stance.

I watched it before when the crows came to crowd around the same tree instead of chasing away the intruders it was retreating and that too looked like it was hesitating. It didn't seem to defend its territory.  At last the high place was taken over by the crows. This hawk is all noise with little action. No action talk only as some of us humans.

Crowded by crows
Making noise but doing nothing 
'Running' away
So I was wrong all this while thinking that the appearance of the hawk in the vicinity has caused smaller birds to disappear. There should be a different reason. It doesn't seem to want to attack anybody. Harmless despite the powerful look.

Or may be this hawk is a loner. If in groups may be they can be a force to be reckoned with. What are those claws meant for ? For catching and killing its non flying victims may be frogs, fish or even chicken. Or the monitor lizard?

I missed taking a picture of the hawk being chased by the crows. One day the hawk landed on my neighbour's roof with a row of black birds following. I was a little too late to get my camera. When I came out I saw the hawk flew off with a row of crows in pursuit. It should make a very interesting picture had I been quick enough to capture the moment.

Sometimes very early in the morning when it is still quite dark you can hear the hawk making sound as if whining away. Even when the sun comes out you still can hear it but it is nowhere in sight.

But if you look properly you will find it. The color of the plumage can blend with the surrounding hence the difficulty in spotting it.

There against the tree trunk it camouflages well.

The bird 'merge' with the tree trunk
Unexpectedly one day I 'caught' it on the ground. Wow . . . as big as a maiden chicken.

 Pause to pray its a safe landing

The Hawk
Actually the first three pictures at the top were taken many weeks earlier. Not very sure whether the latest one sighted is the same bird. But besides this bird there was only one more of the same kind which I sighted but of different color see here. Could it be that the hawk change colors as it grows. And in the latest photos the bird looks comel and sweet. It keeps me wondering.

Ok that is all for now. Will be back with another post soon. Hope you enjoyed this entry.

Bye . . .

Friday, 14 October 2016


Hi again

I can't say all but generally most of us are always in a hurry. Always in the race against time at whatever time of day.

For me it's in the late evening. When it started to get dark I must rush home because I am being hinted to be indoor by sun set. And this do make me feel so uneasy especially when I am in the midst of play and the game dragged on.

Deuce . . . deuce . . .deuce . . .Of course I just can't stop and leave . . .So will be home a little late . . .

Even as old I am compelled to adhere to the unwritten house rule. I can be defiant but it is better to submit in order to preserve harmony. Got to conform to a quite restrictive culture .

This unwritten rule is understood if imposed on kids. Remember our mother used to order us to go indoor saying that the devils were going berserk at twilight time? But then you could linger on if you were good enough at shoving the ducks and the chickens into their coops. The rule can be broken when needed. . .Anyway dear readers do you believe in devils and ghost? Haa . . .

When my children were small I too apply this same rule on them. A kind of discipline. But I myself broke the rule sometimes. At that very time when devils were supposed to be lurking I would take them out to a favourite spot where we could view the sunset over the small island.

We also could have a beautiful view of the sun set from the tennis court where we used to play. We usually waited until that big ball of fire was slowly"swallowed" by the sea in the horizon. Then only we made a move to go home.

Actually there are so many things needed to be done within this hour just before night falls. A woman has so much to do. She has a big responsibility. Not that I cannot carry it out on my own terms but then I am a person, a giver.  Just when I think at this age I should have gained full independence, I still feel restrictive. Circumstances have conditioned me to have such an attitude I think.

If I have the choice I would prefer to linger. After all at this hour the world is so beautiful. Don't I have the right to savour the hour. Enjoy the cool pleasant and peaceful surrounding. Watch the darkening sea the clouds and the sun set.

No I must be back!

And I notice on the road everybody seem to be rushing. Cars and motorcycles are dangerously zooming past as the call to prayer starts to falter. Surely there is still time.

All rushing all eager to reach wherever, faster than the engine can go. I liken them to the birds flying back to their nests.

Birds dotted the evening sky
Flying back
However some prefer take a rest at a stopover

I know my tennis friends would still be enjoying their game without a care. I envy them. And I liken them to the eagles which are in no hurry. Spreading their wings hovering, circling and then soaring to the sky and then diving again and enjoying making air show.

Should not miss such a sight.

So I stop to stare. And take photos. And I will be late.

The eagle is in no hurry

Well sometimes it is better to accept and sometimes to let go rather than furthering the conflicts.

Let peace and harmony prevail.

Happiness to all . . .

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hi everyone

Most days are mundane to a retiree like me.

Days come and go passing without much to say about it. Anyway there would be people who will say sure there's nothing much  in store for the retired. They have their lives in the past, are they still feeling they want more and never feel that they have had enough.

Mmm they retire at 55 and if they are to live until 90 what are they going to do in those 35 years. We dread to think about it. That is why we want our days to be exciting and life more meaningful so please excuse us if we try to look and  act younger than our age. And we sometimes always putting finger in every pie. Only trying to be helpful so that we feel useful.

As a friend confided she would want to feel useful but instead felt being used and was miserable with her situation now. A cook a baby sitter a house keeper all in one and on top of that also sometimes a financier. All these cause her to lose her freedom. But she tolerates.

It is unfortunate to be caught in such a web where when you think you want to escape you know you would cause a ruin.  You remain there you would feel sticky. A dilemma. Your head tells you to act but you have no heart to execute it. So?

Oh ya mundane days. It shouldn't be that way. Get up. Go get a life. Brighten up your day!

Desert rose
So the other day I went to a gathering organised to mark the National Sports Day at the community hall of a neighboring neighbourhood . Participated in aerobics with the young people and joined the  2 ( only 2) km walk. Watched the kindergarten (repeat kindegar ten!)sports events. I think I was the oldest person at the side line watching ha ha.

Then we had nasi lemak  under the coconut tree by the beach. Then waited if I could be lucky enough to win a lucky draw. No luck. Went back home empty handed. There a sinkful of dishes waiting to be cleared a basketful of laundry to be washed and . . and . . . and . . .no end  . . .Did I have fun?

Quite ok no regrets wasting that few hours. At least I have tried to make a mundane day wondrous.

But that is not quite what I really needed. Such activity can only be a stand in.

I like to be where my mind can be free and at peace.

To be in the swimming pool swimming alone and no one crossing my lane.

Swimming in the sea when the water is calm.

To be in the tennis court and stroke with a good sparring partner and so you don't have to pick balls that often.

And be in the game where there are long rallies. Winning will make my day. If the game drag on no one should remind me that my time is up.

Or when engrossed in learning new line dance steps and listening to the music. No one should be there to remind me the time of day.

I feel exhilarated by the smell of a well baked cake done by me of course.

Also when no one reprimand me for staying up late and free to go on typing what comes to mind.

And lost in the track of time watching and photographing the birds . . .

Thinking hard

Spotted Dove watching the world upside down

Birds they are so free to be where they want to be . . .

Birds are epitome of freedom

Treasure your freedom.

Till next entry . . .bye . . .