Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hello all

To some people cooking is a chore.To some it is an activity they enjoy very much one which can brings out the creativity in them. Of course then you get to enjoy what you have cooked.

Eat to live or live to eat. I suppose both apply to me. You have to eat when hungry. One way of entertaining yourself when bored you . . .  eat.

You can act like a lady of leisure if you can pay somebody else to do the cooking and then dutifully she will serve the food to you.  How very nice. Its so much better than you yourself having to toil in the kitchen.

You can buy food from the many vendors and eateries but their food is not to your standard or taste despite being quite pricy.

Or you could have a culinary spread on the dining table at a famous restaurant that can make you forget you're dieting. But then the cash you have to fork out will make your eyes roll.

So do it yourself. Cooking for yourself it is. Cheap. I don't mean be a cheapskate. Have all the best ingredients. Cook with love even if you have to cook not only for yourself.

As for the retired person who is not having much, trifty is the word. Things got to be culculated to avoid wastage. Budgeting is the way to go. Portioning the food will avoid overeating. Good for the pocket and good for health too. Do I sound miserly. I am just cutting the coat to suit the cloth.

Below is one simple menu for a trifty person.

Cook once keep half for next meal save time cooking gas and water 
Fresh ingredient
No cost
Combine the two add salt
Puree them

Tasty simple sambal

A stir fry vege to complete a trifty and  simple healthy menu

The fact is everyday cooking can be quite boring.

Cooking everyday dishes don't really give you the joy as in baking.

Regard cooking as a hobby just as baking is then it won't be a chore though it is quite difficult to come to terms with the fact that most of the time you have to cook. In a situation where you force yourself all that you cook seems tasteless. Don't throw that pot of curry away.

Forget it . Go out and have fun.

Come mealtime the hunger will make you savour everything regardless the taste.

My tennis kakis enjoying their game
Go here enjoy the beautiful day 
Be a little adventurous

Or just watch the shrike having a meal . . .

First look around 
Choose one
And aim for it
The catch
Mmmmm . . . 

Eat wisely be healthy.

Bye . . .

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