Friday, 21 October 2016

Go Swim

Hello again

Few days back there was a metereological warning that there would be a high tide phenomenon heavy rain and strong winds and high waves. Avoid beaches.

The rain came hard and heavy but only a short while and when everybody was still sleeping.

Came morning there was no more rain except for some dark clouds which also was moving away.

 7.00 am sky
Responsible for rising tide

I decided that I should not miss swimming .

Of late since I have this nagging shoulder pain my trip to the pool has become less frequent. Now that it feels better I should swim as often as before . Don't I want to swim as well as this guy? Stealth quiet and efficient.

I am always imagining that I swim just as graceful heheheh. In reality of course I don't. Anyway I try to improve. One way of doing it is to go to the pool often and try to practise the correct technique as shown in the many swimming videos from reliable sites on the youtube. 

Swimming without stress can make me feel refreshed and light. It helps to relieve the aches and pain of old age.

Swimming is a recreation which I never regret taking up. I don't have to sit at the pool side watching swimmers like a life guard does. I jump in there at the slightest chance.

Most people like to go to the beach. And when at the beach why should you busy yourself cooking and then eat and then snooze or just watch the sea water . You can go in there and have fun swimming because you can swim.

One of the many makeshift barbeque pits found on the beach
Dozing off?

Pigeon gracing the beach in fine weather

I strongly recommend recreational swimming as an activity because it has healthy benefits and can make you feel good.

As for us the older ones, how long more can we go on jogging or brisk walking, badminton or tennis? On land exercise gives impact on our failing joints. What's best?  Swimming it is. Never too late to learn. 

So go get your swim wear and head for the water!

Keep swimming and be happy.

Bye . . .

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