Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hi everyone

Most days are mundane to a retiree like me.

Days come and go passing without much to say about it. Anyway there would be people who will say sure there's nothing much  in store for the retired. They have their lives in the past, are they still feeling they want more and never feel that they have had enough.

Mmm they retire at 55 and if they are to live until 90 what are they going to do in those 35 years. We dread to think about it. That is why we want our days to be exciting and life more meaningful so please excuse us if we try to look and  act younger than our age. And we sometimes always putting finger in every pie. Only trying to be helpful so that we feel useful.

As a friend confided she would want to feel useful but instead felt being used and was miserable with her situation now. A cook a baby sitter a house keeper all in one and on top of that also sometimes a financier. All these cause her to lose her freedom. But she tolerates.

It is unfortunate to be caught in such a web where when you think you want to escape you know you would cause a ruin.  You remain there you would feel sticky. A dilemma. Your head tells you to act but you have no heart to execute it. So?

Oh ya mundane days. It shouldn't be that way. Get up. Go get a life. Brighten up your day!

Desert rose
So the other day I went to a gathering organised to mark the National Sports Day at the community hall of a neighboring neighbourhood . Participated in aerobics with the young people and joined the  2 ( only 2) km walk. Watched the kindergarten (repeat kindegar ten!)sports events. I think I was the oldest person at the side line watching ha ha.

Then we had nasi lemak  under the coconut tree by the beach. Then waited if I could be lucky enough to win a lucky draw. No luck. Went back home empty handed. There a sinkful of dishes waiting to be cleared a basketful of laundry to be washed and . . and . . . and . . .no end  . . .Did I have fun?

Quite ok no regrets wasting that few hours. At least I have tried to make a mundane day wondrous.

But that is not quite what I really needed. Such activity can only be a stand in.

I like to be where my mind can be free and at peace.

To be in the swimming pool swimming alone and no one crossing my lane.

Swimming in the sea when the water is calm.

To be in the tennis court and stroke with a good sparring partner and so you don't have to pick balls that often.

And be in the game where there are long rallies. Winning will make my day. If the game drag on no one should remind me that my time is up.

Or when engrossed in learning new line dance steps and listening to the music. No one should be there to remind me the time of day.

I feel exhilarated by the smell of a well baked cake done by me of course.

Also when no one reprimand me for staying up late and free to go on typing what comes to mind.

And lost in the track of time watching and photographing the birds . . .

Thinking hard

Spotted Dove watching the world upside down

Birds they are so free to be where they want to be . . .

Birds are epitome of freedom

Treasure your freedom.

Till next entry . . .bye . . .