Friday, 14 October 2016


Hi again

I can't say all but generally most of us are always in a hurry. Always in the race against time at whatever time of day.

For me it's in the late evening. When it started to get dark I must rush home because I am being hinted to be indoor by sun set. And this do make me feel so uneasy especially when I am in the midst of play and the game dragged on.

Deuce . . . deuce . . .deuce . . .Of course I just can't stop and leave . . .So will be home a little late . . .

Even as old I am compelled to adhere to the unwritten house rule. I can be defiant but it is better to submit in order to preserve harmony. Got to conform to a quite restrictive culture .

This unwritten rule is understood if imposed on kids. Remember our mother used to order us to go indoor saying that the devils were going berserk at twilight time? But then you could linger on if you were good enough at shoving the ducks and the chickens into their coops. The rule can be broken when needed. . .Anyway dear readers do you believe in devils and ghost? Haa . . .

When my children were small I too apply this same rule on them. A kind of discipline. But I myself broke the rule sometimes. At that very time when devils were supposed to be lurking I would take them out to a favourite spot where we could view the sunset over the small island.

We also could have a beautiful view of the sun set from the tennis court where we used to play. We usually waited until that big ball of fire was slowly"swallowed" by the sea in the horizon. Then only we made a move to go home.

Actually there are so many things needed to be done within this hour just before night falls. A woman has so much to do. She has a big responsibility. Not that I cannot carry it out on my own terms but then I am a person, a giver.  Just when I think at this age I should have gained full independence, I still feel restrictive. Circumstances have conditioned me to have such an attitude I think.

If I have the choice I would prefer to linger. After all at this hour the world is so beautiful. Don't I have the right to savour the hour. Enjoy the cool pleasant and peaceful surrounding. Watch the darkening sea the clouds and the sun set.

No I must be back!

And I notice on the road everybody seem to be rushing. Cars and motorcycles are dangerously zooming past as the call to prayer starts to falter. Surely there is still time.

All rushing all eager to reach wherever, faster than the engine can go. I liken them to the birds flying back to their nests.

Birds dotted the evening sky
Flying back
However some prefer take a rest at a stopover

I know my tennis friends would still be enjoying their game without a care. I envy them. And I liken them to the eagles which are in no hurry. Spreading their wings hovering, circling and then soaring to the sky and then diving again and enjoying making air show.

Should not miss such a sight.

So I stop to stare. And take photos. And I will be late.

The eagle is in no hurry

Well sometimes it is better to accept and sometimes to let go rather than furthering the conflicts.

Let peace and harmony prevail.

Happiness to all . . .

Thanks for reading.


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