Friday, 7 October 2016

Green Snake Among The Visitors

Hello everyone

Do you often get visitors.

How do you feel when expecting visitors to your home.

How do you like getting visitors at short notice. That will sure make you rush in a frenzy to put your house in order. You had been on idle mode the past days.

And sometimes they just barge in at your door unexpectedly. If they are unfamiliar faces and look suspicious just slam the door shut. Not really.  . .tactfully close the door. Go to the window and politely ask his reason for the visit. You never know . . . these days.

So far I rarely play host to overnight visitors . My children and relatives when they come to stay overnight or on many days and nights I don't regard them as visitors but consider them as coming home. They are not guest but members of this home.

Being alone and boring at times you more than welcome if a friend come a calling.

When two retired people meet there will be no shortage of topics to talk about and discuss and debate. All the worldly problems. Oh so concerned despite not really being affected.

You would be so engrossed you do not realise that you have emptied more than two cups of tea and crunching a lot of peanuts. You would only realise that in the night. (Most old people cannot take too much tea especially late in the day, you will make many trips to the bathroom)

You enjoy chitchatting, when you have common interests. Visitor like this you don't mind her overstaying the welcome.

But if the visitor is a bore with stale chats and full of pretence and not indicating leaving anytime, how do you show her the door. Feign that nature is calling ? Ha haaa. Old trick.

If my guest is such a bored person then I would prefer not to have any. It is so much better for me to spend time to do the visiting instead. Yes visiting other people's blogs. I stay on longer if it is interesting and inspiring if not I just skip. My host will never know if I am such a bore heheheh

Rather it is so much more inspiring to layan the young magpie robins that come to visit. You don't have to pretend to be nice. Just be yourself. Just keep still and quiet. Though they come to visit everyday they are not really such a bore. They challenge you to capture them . . . I mean in photos.

Moving all the time

But beware of this unwelcomed guest . . . this creature . . .the snake!

It may be interesting to photograph it but do you dare to go nearer? It may not be poisonous but if it bites? No no no. Advisable to keep the distance.

So from a distance I snapped. Sorry to shoo you away after I have done with the photoshoot. Anyway thanks for coming, beautiful green snake . . .

Vine snake (Ular Pucuk)
When encounter with a snake keep calm. Don't frighten it. Carefully move back. The snake won't chase. You can google for more on how to deal with a snake.

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. 

Take care , bye . . .

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