Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Hawk Landed

Hi all

Usually I see this bird perched high on the tree. On that bare tree and nobody can miss spotting it. What more with the no ending squeals.

On some days it perched there for hours. Looked haughty and unconcerned.

This bird sure looks superior. It is big. It has powerful legs and sharp claws and of course those eyes better than 20/20 vision. And I thought with all the 'weapons' it has it would attack just any other bird that comes near.

Its call is very loud and wailing.  Other birds should be scared to death of this hawk. But no it is quite gentle doesn't show that it is quarrelsome. Or may it is just timid or lazy so contrary to its superior stance.

I watched it before when the crows came to crowd around the same tree instead of chasing away the intruders it was retreating and that too looked like it was hesitating. It didn't seem to defend its territory.  At last the high place was taken over by the crows. This hawk is all noise with little action. No action talk only as some of us humans.

Crowded by crows
Making noise but doing nothing 
'Running' away
So I was wrong all this while thinking that the appearance of the hawk in the vicinity has caused smaller birds to disappear. There should be a different reason. It doesn't seem to want to attack anybody. Harmless despite the powerful look.

Or may be this hawk is a loner. If in groups may be they can be a force to be reckoned with. What are those claws meant for ? For catching and killing its non flying victims may be frogs, fish or even chicken. Or the monitor lizard?

I missed taking a picture of the hawk being chased by the crows. One day the hawk landed on my neighbour's roof with a row of black birds following. I was a little too late to get my camera. When I came out I saw the hawk flew off with a row of crows in pursuit. It should make a very interesting picture had I been quick enough to capture the moment.

Sometimes very early in the morning when it is still quite dark you can hear the hawk making sound as if whining away. Even when the sun comes out you still can hear it but it is nowhere in sight.

But if you look properly you will find it. The color of the plumage can blend with the surrounding hence the difficulty in spotting it.

There against the tree trunk it camouflages well.

The bird 'merge' with the tree trunk
Unexpectedly one day I 'caught' it on the ground. Wow . . . as big as a maiden chicken.

 Pause to pray its a safe landing

The Hawk
Actually the first three pictures at the top were taken many weeks earlier. Not very sure whether the latest one sighted is the same bird. But besides this bird there was only one more of the same kind which I sighted but of different color see here. Could it be that the hawk change colors as it grows. And in the latest photos the bird looks comel and sweet. It keeps me wondering.

Ok that is all for now. Will be back with another post soon. Hope you enjoyed this entry.

Bye . . .

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