Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mulberry Fruit Tree For Birds To Stop By

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I think the mulberry tree in my compound has grown full sized. In fact it is too big for my little garden. There are taller gaharu trees on both sides. Though squeezed in between it is still growing ok.

The branches spread out haphazardly in all directions. Now I cannot prune it because it has become too big and too high for me to reach the branches. I know I can use the ladder but then you know I don't want to risk falling.

I really can't remember when I first planted the the mulberry. I was given only one twig. I stuck it into the ground and forgot all about it. And I did not expect it to grow so well. It did and from that one plant I manage to plant a few more. I could plant many more only that I don't have the space.

This plant is so easy to propagate. Take the twigs and just stick it into the soil. It will grow. I have given some cuttings to friends and even strangers who pass by when they ask for it. See I think I am doing good greening the world ha ha. But really I do not know whether their plants grow as well as mine. So far there is no feed back.

There are four more plants and one has become quite big and had been cut down leaving a stump. Even on that left over trunk leaves and small branches are sprouting out. Thats how easy the plant is growing.

I have planted the trees and I have cut them down.  Have to keep them in check. What's the use of having the trees I now think. Make tea with the leaves? Or can it be stir fried as my trifty menu?

It is also giving me more work of having to clear the compound of the dried leaves. The fallen fruits will leave patches of magenta stain on the tiles. And that need to be washed soonest possible otherwise the squished fruits would be stepped on and trampled and dragged to bigger  area by unconcerned feet.

The berry can be eaten raw. It is supposed to have health benefits including helping one slim down haha and helps to lessen the over pigmentation on facial skin. Really?

The taste is not so sweet but sourish. It is quite sweet only when it turns black but by then they will be dropping off. So eat it while still deep red and which to me it is more like a julab or laxative

Or else you pick the fruits earlier while still not fully ripe and you keep it till they turn dark. But it won't be as good as those matured on the branches.

Mulberry fruits not ripe yet
When there was really lots of fruits I tried making jam. It took much time to get the crushed fruits and sugar mixed to gel. The fruits are hairy and grainy. The jam was not smooth even after pressing through the sieve. The graininess remained. Not very nice. Or my be my method was wrong.

Made it into cordial drink? Yes acceptable. But sugar needs to be added. A fair amount of sugar or it won't be nice.

I have tried using it in cakes and muffin. It was just ok to me but my niece liked the flavour. Put in the icing it can cut the sweetness.

Boil the fruits crush with hand blender and extract the juice and use it as food color. Not so vibrant. I have tried making red velvet cake with it the result is not desirable. It became pink.

So conclusion is the tree is only good as a shade for my anthurium plants placed underneath. And for hanging orchid pots.

However the mulberry tree despite the lack of care it still flourish. It is now in fruit again. Though not much fruits as previously it still can attract the birds.

Well I must not be too selfish only thinking of the advantages for me. To the birds - come enjoy yourselves!

#Starling . . . care to join ?

So that's it about the mulberry tree. Hope you have enjoyed reading.

Bye . . .

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