Friday, 11 November 2016


Hi again

From speaking with friends, reading and watching tv etc I come to assume that most people like to travel. Travel for holidays. Or may be for escapades.

Me? Yes. I like to travel but I don't. I don't travel much even when I was younger. I travelled only out of necessity.

There are many reasons to it.

Of course earlier on in my life it was because of the lack of $$$$$$$$.

Then there was work. Husband's and wife's leave seldom coincide. Furthur more both of us were in the essential services so taking leave was at the mercy of the person in charge and depending on the situation.

When children started schooling you got to fight to get leave during the school holidays but  I don't like to fight.

I don't like to leave home. I want to stay safe at home. I am a homebody.

I think I have travelling sickness too.

And also I don't like the packing and other hastles of travelling.

One more thing I am scared and don't like is to be stuck in crowd.

When from the beginning you don't go places then there is not in you that urge to travel.

My friends, those bitten by travel bugs usually will ask me why. I give my excuses. Lame they say. To quiet them up I tell I am timid and scared of flying and I don't have a destination. Only God knows why I don't want to travel.

Ok I am really not totally against travelling.

I like to listen to travellers who come back to become storytellers. Listen to them proudly telling their tales. Look at the pictures they show. I squint at the images on their phones which they so willingly share. I would respond with oohs and aahs at the stuffs they brought back.

Then there is a couple my regular tennis kakis , to them travelling is a norm. Few months here, some months in northern hemisphere and some months in the south.

They are now having a Swiss holiday to watch tennis tournaments and to celebrate Christmas soon. How nice. Exciting. I was excited for her on the last day I met her before she went.

I had an old friend who at one time working together with me landed with another job which involved travelling. She was so happy to get the job. I was happy for her too.

It was good at first flying here and flying there. On the job mission she also had time to go see places. She used to say it was a holiday job. But then the euphoria was only in the beginning . Travelling was just not in her.

I am satisfied by just being an armchair traveller. Suffice for me watching tv, videos and reading. There are also so many travel blogs. You get the birds eye view. You get the view through the narrators. You can feel the joy of being a tourist if the narrator is good funny and witty.

If I go on the real will I be able to see all with little budget. That little budget of mine is much better spent in making me more comfortable at home. Yes or not.

They insist that you can travel even on a small budget. It is how you properly organise your holiday and tailor it to your tight budget. And be wise and trifty. Be stingy? Ah. Then I might as well have a generous holiday at home ha ha.

They also say nothing is like own experience. I must say it is true. But I don't mind to be without.

There is a quote by Saint Agustine: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Oh no. I read more hehehe.

If you have the money and time and good company well go ahead and  travel and experience and enjoy. Don't be like me living under a shell. Actually I can crack this shell and come out but I don't just yet. Wink.

Let me put a brake to my ramblings.

Let us see here some pictures from Portugal. Somebody is enjoying grilled octopus and pies and watching birds on the other side of the world.

It ( the picture not the bird he he ) hails from Portugal

Go travel everywhere you like but home is the best place to be.

Happy travelling .

Bye . . .


  1. Surprisingly, when I read your writing in this article I am very impressive. When I read your writing, I think like I read the Virginia Woolf essay. Virginia Woolf is a famous writer in the world. I like to read the article like this. I can understand what do you want to deliver to your readers especially the readers that not good in English like me. This is because you use the simple English to deliver you thought and feeling.

    Sometimes, I am same with you. I also do not like stuck in the crowd especially at the shopping complex. But I like to traveling but as you say, I also lack of money to travel. So I just can hear what the people that have go to travel tell me about their experience. Thank you because have comment at my blog.

    1. I am just an insignificant person trying to express myself in writing. Thanks for commenting.

  2. betul...adakala aRz pun tak suka travel pada public holiday dan bersesak-sesak tapi selepas ini mungkin itu waktu yang ada untuk bercuti...

    kapal terbang? ya ada perasaan yang sama ketika menaiki kapal terbang...syukur sangat selepas mendarat...

    rumah adalah sepatutnya menjadi tempat yang selamat dan selesa untuk kita dan anak-anak