Monday, 28 November 2016

Rain Or Shine


Its dark sky again . Cool but I am restless. Not hungry but I want to eat. There are fruits bread and biscuits ... just choose but no not these. A dark day like this you crave for fried food, some kind of savoury fritters, karipap or badak hehehe yes badak . Good. . . I have some frozen badak in the freezer . . .I don't mean the rhinoceros . . .

Very satisfying, hot savoury fritters with hot instant cofee what a great combination . . .

When the weather is like this - dark and gloomy but the rain is not coming you are so undecided. If you go out and it rains you would just be wasting your time and if you don't go and the rain does not come at all then you would regret missing on the fun of playing tennis in such a cool weather.

Also a day like this there will be more beeps in the groups whatsapps . . .

P: Y  you already in BT? Heavy rain here in town. There how?

Y: Already here.Was cloudy but already clear .

A: Are you already at the court . . .

Y: No. Still at apartment will go now . Wait wait I hear thunder. Aaahhh.

P: See later how.

Another group participant chip in . .

S: Rain or shine just go!

The day before about the same time the weather was the same. . . the phone conversation went like this . . .

M: Hello

H: Yoo

M: Rain in your area? (My house is sharing the same sky as the club)

H: Aaaa ya dark very dark . Rain few drops only. Just now.

M: You think it will come heavy?

H:  Don't know. Don't know how to forecast hehehe.

M: Hahaha ya I know  you bukan kaji cuaca.

H: Wait I go outside check again. Yeay no more. But still dark here.

M: Mmmm I still go. You still resting?

H: Yaaaa ( sigh). Ok. Hope you all can play today. Enjoy!

M: Thanks . . .

Its like that. Weather is unpredictable nowadays. It makes you so undecided. That is why sometimes you wish for the rain to just pour so that your decision to stay back is correct and justified. No disappoinment.

Get yourself a gadget and go huddle in the corner of the sofa. Come. Let it storm, let it rain cats and dogs . .

But when I come across disturbing news on the floods and landslides I feel I am such an inconsiderate thoughtless person.

Did I not know how those people staying in low lying area and on hill slopes are feeling when the rain pour.

They are living in fear, be mindful spare them some thoughts.

Forgive me for being so self centred.

Though not that wishing and hoping can change things . . . rain or shine is the bussiness of nature . . .

Pray. No more bad news.

Lets appreciate nature . . .even in not so fine a weather.

The birds chose to come out on a gloomy day.

Poor light makes the photo look hazy and dull.

In poor light the colors do not shine through . 

I know the photos are substandard. But these birds rarely appear.

I hope it will appear again soon in fine weather so that I can take better pictures.

Dear readers rain or shine you still can do what you'd like to do . . .

bye . . .



  1. weather nowadays are very unpredictable. anytime the rain can pour. the cloth are very difficult to be dry. but as you say, whether rain or shine, we still can do what we like to do. We just to enjoy ourselves.

    same like you, when rain come, I am craving to eat fried food like karipap, cucur badak, goreng pisang, and so on.