Thursday, 17 November 2016

Supermoon Full Moon

Hi all

People are talking about the supermoon .

A full moon said to be bigger and brighter because of its position in its orbit when it comes closest to earth . It comes in after many years ie since 1948 according to NASA. The excitement spreads through out the world as can be read in the media.

I get affected too. In this post I would like to talk about it albeit a little late.

When I came to know about it I put a mark on the calender lest I forget. And that night I made sure I had dinner early. I wanted to have photographs of my own of the supermoon . Was it possible with the camera that I have. Never mind no harm trying. Anyway I was pessimistic when at late evening the sky was shrouded by dark clouds.

When night came it came together with the rain. When the rain let up the night was still pitch dark no sign of the moon at about eight or eight something. It was only after nine oclock I went outside again. Then I noticed the moon.

The moon was bright but it looked small. When I looked through the view finder I could not see the shape of the moon itself at first due to the brightness. Light scatterd from the moon shinning like a bulb of white light or something like a light from a motorcycle coming from opposite in the night.

Only later I could see the moon clearly it sort of slowly and gradually came out to show its face. It appeared more matt no more so shining - if I can say it that way . . .

I could not really realise any difference in size. It was the same like the full moon at other times that I have seen.

Brightness, yes I sense the difference when it was rising(?) earlier before that particular time the moon should be nearest.

I also wished that I could catch a picture with the aircraft superimposed on the moon. Yes like those great photos shot by the professional photographers.

There are also fake photos which look so awesome. They take two exposures then editing and superimosing them. But still it needs to be clever to do that. And not everyone can do it. So I still appreciate them fake or not.

I was not lucky only two or three airplanes passed below the moon. Others were on different paths. Also it was quite difficult to focus and my hands were not steady. Imagine one old lady trying to be a photographer ha ha.

One airplane moved too fast

Another airplane passed by

I think if the weather was good I could have got better pictures.

Did I notice any difference. Not really.

When I was small I liked to gaze at the moon. I always thought I saw movements on the moon surface. Well may be children have eyes that are extra sharp right? And in their mind full of imaginations.

Even now though already old I never cease to wonder at the moon.

Picture taken at few months back (morning)

In our folklore there is a story about the bird, the owl, longing for the moon . Bagai pungguk rindukan bulan is the famous idiom. It means you are wishing for something which is impossible to achieve.
Pretend that's the pungguk admiring the supermoon

Moon is featured in many songs as moon is associated with romance hence  we have the evegreen songs like 'Fly me to the moon' and 'Blue moon' for example. I have yet to hear a song on supermoon . . .blue moon is also a full moon if I am not mistaken.

Enjoy the song on low volume.

Bye . .


  1. kalau dapat moment ketika kapal terbang melintas itu lebih the way gambar yang cantik

  2. Firstly, although you are old, you still good in photography. I can see the beauty of moon from your picture.