Thursday, 27 July 2017

How To . . . . Blondies

Hi friends

I like to bake.

I don't really know why but one thing is certain.. I simply like to eat cakes, I don't mind having them for breakfast if I run out of breakfast food and happens to have cakes in the fridge. Since I am on a quite strict diet now I try hard not to bake even though the crave for it comes strong. But when situation arise I would willingly bake.

 Now when I think back, yes may be I am a little conceited. When those people who eat the cakes I bake tell me that they like the cakes because  it tastes good,  nice and fluffy and etc and wanting for more I feel proud and kembang hehe.

And when they said my cake deco is stylish or beautiful I am happy and will quietly gloat over it for days. I forget the hard work and the long hours of putting it together and at my own expenses usually.

Am I the only one having such an attitude, which I sometimes feel stupid.

Anyway it takes efforts to be happy, I believe. That is, by making others happy first.

So when a friend, a retiree too, suggested that we break our mundane life by having a pot luck get-together I agreed and without thinking much I offered my house to be the venue. And in my mind I already had what sweet treats to serve for them all.

I baked for them a date cake,  brownies and lemon  blondies.

I will share with you here how to make blondies .

Recipe is not my own, as usual it is from the internet. I stumbled upon it some time ago. I have made it a few times. This is quite a simple dessert, very few ingredients used. To me it tastes nice with its not too sweet and tangy lemony taste. My friends enjoyed it and was praising me, of course I demurely brushed aside the compliments but on the inside you can guess hehe.

Credit should be given to the person who concocted the recipe . Nowadays people are willing to share. Thanks to them all.

I am being ungrateful I forgot which website I referred to.

Here goes . . .

 Lemon blondies

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup butter (soft)
2 eggs

1/2 lemon for juice

Zest of 1/2 lemon

For glazing,

Mix about 1/4 cup icing sugar to juice of 1/2 lemon. Stir.


As usual one bowl method.

Put all ingredients, except items for glazing, in bowl.

Start the mixer, mix until smooth.

Put batter in lined 7 inch square baking tin

Level it.

Bake at 165 degrees C about 25 minute. (My old oven took less.)

When baked take out from the oven prick the blondies with a fork.

While still hot dab the surface using brush dipped in lemon glaze.

Put the blondies in the refrigerator.

When cold and hardened cut into squares.

Served cold is best.



  • Make double recipe. Single measure is always not enough. And make sure every drop of the juice is squeezed out from the lemon. Perah sampai kering . . .
  • When stacking the squares in container put thin plastic sheet or cling wrap in between layers
  • Store them in the fridge
I love this lemon zester so effective and easy to work with
The zester

Mix everything
Use off set spatula to level the batter

Prick it
Dab with glaze laden brush

Lemon blondies

There you have it how to make lemon blondies.

Desserts by whatever name is sweet.

Bye . . .


  1. Look so delicious...sedap ja...
    sebenarnya saya tertanya-tanya nak panggil puan dengan panggilan apa ya

    1. Panggilan apa pun ok je
      suka baca blog aRzMoHa bahasa baik banyak info

  2. When people puji yor cake you you daid you feel proud and kembang. What is the one that kembang?

    By the way terima kasih kongsi resipi. I think my wife likes it. But wife is still in the air. Not on air.

  3. Hurm... its look yummy.
    Terliur la pula hehehe..

  4. Get kembang in both way lah like this hahahahaha. I don't think you should feel bad though, it is not something easy to make others happy so just take pride in it. Those handwork makes it feel even better and just worth it. Btw, I thought this gonna be about dyeing hair to blonde. LOL.