Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wandering 6 Fort Cornwallis

Hi everyone

Now lets go inside the Fort Cornwallis.

I have not visited this fort before though I lived in this state for many years of my life , what a shame. But then I am no history fanatics.

As you enter you'll be greeted by these people

The statue on the right is of Captain Francis Light

You will see some old items like this

Was used to carry the cannon (?)

Start from the chapel at one corner of the fort. Inside there are a few exhibits and info

You can read the history from the many info displayed in the old chapel .

How the roads got its name . . .

Outside, this chapel you will see these barracks

The light house

The fort is quite big and you got to sweat it out in order to explore to get your money's worth. (You got to pay at the entrance).

There is a solitary building of a queer shape meant for ammunition/gunpowder storage.

When we are here I think we must create situations in our imaginations to make the visit more interesting. Imagine that the fort is bombarded how would you react. Ready to fire the cannons and march forward with the guns and fight back the enemies who had infiltrated the fort! Don't just hide behind the barricade ok.

Here is that famous cannon in ready position for any oncoming attacks.

In the vicinity there was some digging still going on perhaps underneath there would be more artifacts to be discovered.

After the visit am I impressed? Not really as I said earlier I am no history fanatics. Anyway it was a good walk. Sweating and burning away the calories from much eating.

I am more puzzled by the presence of this rooster

The names mentioned in the many infos are all foreign of course except the picture below which reminds you of 'home'.

P Ramlee was born in Penang

So there you are, about the visit to Fort Cornwallis, a fort was built but no battle fought . . .(?)

Next entry will be about a bus trip which brings out more nostalgia

Till then bye . . .

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