Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Wandering 1

Hi all

My blog was on a hiatus last week. Now I am back typing as usual . . . here at one corner of the dining table. I don't have a proper work station but this arrangement is practical because it is near the kitchen which is the real workstation for me. So I can keep darting to the kitchen when the timer or the oven rings.

As from my entry here you will know that I am not so keen on travelling. In the past I travelled only when necessary. But few weeks back I was thinking about a breakaway and go somewhere just for a change of scene. May be I could take some photographs to put in my blog.

I decided to go for a train ride up north. It has been such a long time since my last train ride. Well I think the last one was in the early eighties. I used to travel north because actually I am from there. Those days the train ride eat away nearly the whole night or if you travel in the day nearly your whole day light was wasted.

When you arrived at your destination your happiness of balik kampung just dissipated due to tiredness. The ride was rough noisy and smokey. The seat was hard and some seats were at odd positions. You may sometimes move backwards or sideway. Pening . . .All you wanted to do was sleep when you arrived home. Even in sleep you would feel the shaking as if you were still in the train.

In those days we did not have the highway like we have today. So railway was the mode of transport of my choice, cheapest and affordable for a poor work trainee me. Usually I chose to travel during the day because I liked the beautiful sceneries along the way. What I remember most is the beautiful blooming pink lotus filling the lake, I watched as the train moved, should I say crawled across the lake.

So thinking about the the past train rides made me want to visit the 'past'. I know there will be changes of course due to developements and improvements of the railway service and the country in general. The train won't move slow as before for me to take the photos. Well set the camera right!

Here are some pictures taken from the moving Ets . . .

Dark clouds

The place which I was waiting for came into view

But I don't see any blooming lotus

Water water

The vastness is majestic

And the train whizz past

That is part of my train ride. The scenes are nothing to some people, they can afford to sleep all the way. For me it is something special because I feel like travelling back into the past although I was sitting in quite a modern train.

I was quite disappointed not having seen the lotus in the lake. I might miss it or they are really no more there. The track is new the train is modern so it just whizz past. I would keep watch on the way back.

I would stop here lest you get bored.

To be continued in the coming entry.

Till then, bye . . .


  1. In th 80s the train windows were wide open. Dust, smoke and insect jumped to you.

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