Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Wandering 5


Lets continue.

No matter what food will always be the main attraction. This place, Penang is a food haven. And staying here just for three to four days is not enough. We just keep going to the same place for our meals because in that one restaurant alone there were so many types of dishes we wanted to try so much so we missed going to other places.

Sight seeing?

The old town looks the same . . .

Actually when I lived here many years ago I did not have any business to walk on some of these streets .  Just passed through if they were on the bus routes. At that time I never care . . .

This time I came I walked around. Yes it looks the same everywhere the old shop houses the run down buildings. Of course there are those restored and declared as heritage. Some walls of the shop houses were painted with murals and street arts.

While walking I took some pictures  . . .

The famous one

Food cart like this also can  attract customers

Masjid Kapitan Keling
Who doesn't know this road . . .

Penang road without much traffic
After walking a lot it felt nice to laze in the hotel room. But then lazing in bed can be done at home! Better to be out and enjoy the surrounding area  . . .

The Victoria clock tower

Quiet in the evening
Old building in new paint

Windy evening at the esplanade
View from the esplanade
A monument in remembrance of the war heroes

Have you been on a cruise

Human and birds at the Padang Kota Lama
There is an eatery within the fort

In the next posting we enter the Fort Cornwallis

Bye for now.

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