Friday, 21 April 2017

Wandering 4 Food Food Food

Hi everyone

At the jetty there was more walking and the path a downward slope. So control, control lest you go too fast and not steady ha ha.

Out from the jetty complex we did not take a bus or taxi or uber. We crossed the road sneaked through the five foot way , took a short cut along a side lane and hah the hotel!

My travelling partner
 After resting a while we went to explore  nearby familiar  places.  But first to the famous mee sotong noodles with cuttlefish, at the esplanade (because it is marked in google map so I say its famous).

Got to wait for a while because the vendor got  lot of order. At last our order arrived.


Very hot and spicy. Very nice very satisfying. But be sure not to take fizzy drink or milky drink too soon . . .  b e c a u s e  . . . he he

Another favorite eating spot was the Kapitan cafe at Chulia street. I like their naan and tandoori chicken and also the claypot mutton bryani and best of all their mango lassi and the almond milk.

The almond milk was concocted by mixing ground almond cow's milk sugar and saffron and boiled in a big pot. The drinks were very nice indeed. If you ta pau you get more than drinking it there . . .

See all these food are fattening. We did not worry even a little bit because before eating we  walked all the way from the hotel to the restaurant.

Almond milk yellow with saffron
Just like one morning when we did not take the breakfast at the hotel we walked for more than twenty minutes to a well known roti canai outlet at Transfer road. I don't know was it because of the long walk or hunger that the roti and the mutton curry and the coffee tasted so nice. While you eat concentrate on the roti and not to mind the plate or the host ok.

They also have here the famous roti potong , white bread toasted on charcoal filled with kaya and topped with soft boiled eggs - two eggs! 

That can give you energy to walk all over town and see familiar places that can bring back fond memories.

Once for our mid morning tea we walked to the China House famous for their delicious cakes and latte. I agreed to try here because I wanted to experience say a passion fruit cake or the almond cake if it is said to be delicious then how delicious. A cake of a certain name how it should really taste.

I want to know because I learn baking i.e one of my hobbies, only through books and the internet. The cakes are only in images. No matter no form. No smell no taste. I don't know whether the cake I baked  tastes right, just for self approval

A variety of cakes
Then there was the supposed famous pasembor outlet . Yes we went there to have a taste. Hmm expensive and nothing like the old fashioned pasembor sold by hawker who carried their ware with a pole across their shoulders. I think you can never find the food on the kandar anymore now.

A heap of pasembor
When people come to Penang the food item that they never miss buying to bring back home is this

I think the pickles, some are imported. There are so many types unlike in the old days it was mainly pickled nutmeg. Original. Penang mari.

So there. About the wandering cari makan. There are so many food places even right there very near to the hotel we can get fast food such as this

Nasi lemak assembly line
And more here  . . .

This the replica. See the notice on the board

That's it. If you jalan you makan. Burn first then eat. So its okey to enjoy the sinfully rich, the fatty and the gooey food.

More in the next episode.

Till then bye.


  1. I know most of those places but never tried all the makanan.
    I was there for a number of years. What i like most is tajudin hassan at king or queen street. Nat far from chulis street.

  2. Tengok food at this time laparlah pulak

  3. So all the point which as you mention i am totally agreed.
    Thanks for your kind information.