Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wandering 2

Hi friends

Continuing from last post:

After the train whizzed past the lake/dam, against my will I dozed off when awaken I already reached this place. I had missed some photogenic areas. Would get them on the way back.

 I was in an awkward position. In a hurry I got this bridge slanting . The place is still recognisable though the old iron bridge was replaced. How could it not be recognisable, my roots are from here.

The new bridge which is not so new.
In my younger days I used to cross this river. Actually my kampung is situated nearer to the estuary. Men used to catch prawns furthur down river I think they did it in the night because I used to see the jumping prawns in the basket very early in the morning. In the old days there were lots of fish. I remember the men just used a spear - like fishing tool (serampang?) to pierce at the terubuk. Was it terubuk? You must know the water there sometimes can be salty and sometimes not that made the salt water fish came upstream. My male cousin used to have one whole big terubuk bakar for himself alone before going to school!

Below is a very old picture of a man paddling down the river, the same river as mentioned above. . . taken with a box camera. The type of camera we could afford at that time.

Kampung scene in the old days

I tried to get the picture of the old bridge from someone who is still occupying the old family house there.  It was in the old album. Requested him to scan the picture . Its not in the email he just sent . May be he couldn't find it. Anyway I found this . . .

A little bit of history.
Yes this little town is so very insignificant that the Ets just haughtyly passed by  . . . Not enough time for me to bring out all the memories etched on my mind  . . . he he . . . but managed  to snap a picture while the train was zooming past since the camera was kept ready against the window pointing to the outside.

Just a glimpse of the station
After this small sleepy town thereafter I found the landscape has also changed a lot. Not surprised at all since decades have passed. I only realised the train was already reaching the final station when another  river came into view.

Another river
I like the picture below though photographically not of good quality it has its own story. It resonates with my chilhood life, my kampung life. The joy of mandi sungai.

Can you spot the boy (?mandi sungai)

I stopped taking pictures when I reached the final station. Not able to because flights of stairs got to be climbed and quite a distace to walk to reach the harbour. And part of the walkway is quite steep. Those with weak hearts can take a rest along the way as chairs were provided and personnels were around in case ada yang terguling . 

Their central transport hub is not yet ready. Mean time those who want to have nostalgic journey by the ferry way have got to be strong.

Ok see you on the ferry next . . .

Till then bye . . .


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