Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wandering 3

Hello again

How do you feel being cut off from the world. I mean the virtual world. For three days my internet connection was down totally. There was a bad thunderstorm a major communication cable was struck by lightning. It was a huge sigh of relief when the tech people finally came.

My happiness was short lived. The connection was interrupted again. It was a heart ache. In a situation where you were not given assurance when things would  be okey again can make your whole chest ache you know.

Its not such a big thing but then you are so used to having a place of reference for the many questions on your mind. You can access the answers to your problems and puzzles. Reliable or not it never fails to give you some clues for whatever.

That is not to say that I missed reading my favorite blogs with their catchy entries and the chatty comments that follow.

Such is the life now, feeling missing over nothing.

Hah so much for my whining.

Lets go back on track. About my leisurely ferry ride.

Climbing the stairs ( remember  . . no escalator there) and walking the distance it got me breathless a little ( and I thought I was fit all this while) but when entering the ferry the cool sea breeze put everything right again. It was, can I say a dejevu. Experiencing the the whole thing once again after so many years.

There are now two bridges built for you to cross this narrow straits. I chose this way via the ferry just to have a relaxed journey I did not really have fixed place to go its just kind of walk around and look see  - yes just wander . . . so time did not matter.

I did not see much changes to the ferry service except the increase in the one way fare. But still cheap. Cheaper still for old people like me. Compared to the time during my late teens when I very often used the ferry service in those days it was cheaper still. I think we the students got special rates . I don't quite remember how much. But then at that time we did not think it was cheap. What more when you were just students.

Standing there by the railings and looking out it was a sight to behold.

I like the seascape with the Pearl of the Orient bordering the sea and the sky.

People are equally curious but some are more curious than others 

Standing by the side railings enjoying the seascape

This zoomed photography confuses me

Ripples created by the moving ferry

The travel over water which seemed slow and leisurely was actually less than twenty minutes, soon the wharf was in sight, the island within reach.

A temporary good bye to the main land.

We'll take a walk around town soon.

Bye for now . . .


  1. Saya pun kalau ke sana kerap naik feri seba jembatan hari kita jumpa.

  2. I went to penang last year but i didn't take a ferry though my wife insisted on it.

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