Thursday, 30 March 2017

Count Your Blessings

Hello to all

It is morning 
Is it mourning?
The sky is gray
clouds dark and heavy 
Flashes of lighting
 shining and glowing
yet frightening
And then the wind 
 not too strong blowing 
yet the branches swinging
At the crack of the mighty thunder
the rain pours
I see it all 
from the comfort and safety of indoor

How I wish the weather would change
I wish the sky would clear again
Just like yesterday when it never rained
 where things went as were planned

Should not I have shaken my fickled mind
To remind
Of leaves on trees withered and shrivelled
Of flowers drooping and dropping petals
The parched earth 
in thirst 
The heat was insane
 without the rain
And I had wished the same 
the weather to change

Now granted and it is here
What blessings do I want more!
Wouldn't it be lots of thanks that i should humbly offer?



  1. Lovely.

    (Wouldn't it be lots of thanks that i should humbly offer?) love this

  2. samada hujan atau panas...kedua-duanya saya suka...kedua waktu ini sangat cantik...seperti di dalam dalam...

    burung ciap madu ka tu...cantik kata dapat gambar sayapnya yang laju mengepak

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