Friday, 17 March 2017


Hi friends

Have you ever been bitten by sandfly?

Me, yes. I have got a few episodes . Why? Because I like walking barefoot along the beach in the morning. Those nasty flies live there in the sand.

They hide in the damp the dark and wet sand and soil brought by the tides. They also live in the crevises in the rocks and on dead tree trunk stranded on the beach. Usually we cannot see those insects.

They are around when the sun is not yet high more so when the tide is low and the day is not windy. Thats my observation.

Its bite is many times worst than the mosquito bite. The fact is that you are not aware when it is coming near to you unlike the mosquito. With the mosquito you can get ready to slap as it is buzzing and zooming on to you.

The sand fly does not make any sound if there is we might not hear it. You don't realise their presence.

The insect is very tiny.

What I can notice the abdomen is whitish.  I think I can only see that because as it digs into your skin thats the only part easily visible. You may not be aware when  that fellow is digging into you and won't let go until you feel the bite and your reflex is to tenyeh as hard as you can at the spot.

Sometimes you don't feel the sting at the moment it occurs.  You only knew you were stung by the sandfly when you are in the shower later.

They also can fly high because I have  experienced been bitten on the face and neck and even in the scalp not only on the legs. They can go under your clothing and into your hair.

Usually after you tenyeh or scratch at the spot the irritation may go off. You may just dismiss it, just a little itchiness right?

Don't be fooled by this insect. The next day redness and bumps will start to show. and oh the itchiness . . .

Eagle are you itchy?
Another half day there will be more redness and swelling and intense itching and burning sensation and you will feel feverish at the height of your body reaction to the sandfly bites.

My experience is the reaction lasted for several days. Its horrible especially at night you can't sleep even if you already applied soothing ointment on the affected part and the surrounding skin. You may even scratch until it bleeds if you are not careful. Thats how intense the itch is.

The redness and bumbs subside after a number of  days. But the itchiness will still be there though not as bad as before. If you have dry skin around the bitten area the itchiness will not go off completely so you must always apply skin lotion.

Avoid scratching if you feel a little itch. If you start scratching then you cannot stop.

The body reaction to sandfly bites takes some time to completely heal. It will heal somehow so don't worry even the seven year itch also can heal ok  hehehe . . .just joking . . .

If the itch drag on and if you feel it's not likely to go away sooner then better go and see a doctor.

So now when I go for a stroll in the morning I would apply some kind of insect repellent. Even the ordinary skin cream would do. Or even the baby oil. If I get bitten the effect is not as bad when not covering the skin with any. And wear long pants and long sleeve and don't forget the cap.

So do not be alarmed by my entry ok. You still can enjoy the beach in early morning or late evening, just remember to take a little precaution.

Oh one more thing I'd like to add. These micropredators that bite and suck your blood are the females.

They are equipted with the right weapon to gore into your skin and suck your blood out.
(Hah . . .again . . . the females have got to do the dirty job.)

Don't get yourself bitten by insects. It can make you very uncomfortable. It can make you very restless . . .

If you cannot reach to scratch the back 

Take care .