Sunday, 12 March 2017

Microwave Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone

Today is Sunday again.

Everyone would be busy minding  their own affairs, visitings, weddings, shopping to stock up their supplies, entertaining the weekend children etc. So me and friends usually don't play tennis on Sunday. Anyway I had played yesterday evening, two sets of very long and tiring game.

It tickles me thinking about yesterday's game. My doubles partner was a man in his 70s. Our opponent was his wife of about the same age partnering a man also of about the same age. Heeee I was the youngest, but I think I was the weakest and slowest. When I could not take the opponent's dropshot my partner would be able to save it and while he was doing so he would shout in jest 'old man can still run . n . n . n . . .' without panting or he may hid cleverly his breathlessness. Yes we do ha ha ha.

We know we are old but we cannot stop playing, we enjoy and love tennis so much.

Today and tomorrow I must nurse my aching toes, by Tuesday I hope to play again.

When you are deep in the games food is off your mind but not when you are so free.

Today I crave for cakes.

In this entry I am going to share with you how like magic you can have a cake right in front of you so you can satisfy yourself of a sudden craving . Quick and easy.

Oh for some people they would just grab the car keys and drive to the nearest cake shop. But in some places like here there is no cake shop. You only have that bakery that sells mass produced cakes the ones that come in plastic wraps. Not the home baked type.

Bake your own cake.

You have all the neccessary kitchen equiptments use it. They are there not for show. Take the microwave oven for example, may be you are just like me the microwave oven is seldom used except just for reheating. It is made to do several functions. It can bake. Fast and quick. So if you suddenly want to eat chocolate cake then go the kitchen and bake one . Within fiteen minutes you can have a cake and eat it too.

(This recipe is not originally mine. Got the idea from the book in the picture below. Of course as an old person I am in the habit of adding a bit of this and a bit of that, a little less of this and a little less of that  . . . agak agak )

Small Microwave Chocolate Cake


1/2 cup soft salted butter (about)
1/2 cup castor sugar
2     eggs
1 teaspoon powdered vanilla (pure punyer)
1 cup (less 1 desertspoon) self raising flour
1 desertspoon cocoa powder + about 1 teaspoon nescafe
pinch of bicarbonate of soda


Butter and line with paper a 6-inch diameter glass container ( mine is of a very thin and light material)

Put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

Beat on high speed one to two minutes until well mixed.

Pour into baking container.

level it. ( The batter is not so liquid)

Put in microwave oven uncovered.

Set microwave on high,

I cook first for 3 minutes. When I took out it looked so soft.I was scared it was not fully cooked. So I put it back in the oven and cook a furthur 40 seconds.

The cake was soft and delicate. But slightly, very slightly dry. I suppose I shouldn't add the 40 seconds cooking time.

It was fast. You can even see the cake rising during cooking.

At first I thought of icing it ( I have icing ready in the fridge)  but since it  was too soft it would not be suitable.

I got a small package of whipped cream. As I seldom use cream so my whipping was not perfect. It was not smooth. May be the whipping was not rightly done or it might be because I added icing sugar too soon. Anyway I will take notice of this problem and would google later what was it that I did wrongly.

Anyway I like it.

I think if making the cream is a hassle just eat it on its own  . . . and drink nescafe . . .

Or eat it with ice cream! Or yogurt!

Whatever, when you crave for cake, there in less than 15 minutes you can have it!

You should try.

Happy microwaving!

Bye . . .


  1. Bake one fir me la. You only take 15 minites to make one. If two, you take 30 minutes.

  2. I would love to bake that cake...

    1. Yes you should and one may not be enough . . .