Friday, 10 March 2017

A Bird In The Tree

Hi everyone,

I wanted to swim this morning but changed my plan and instead went for a walk  . . .alone. The club pool was occupied by few swimmers who were there earlier than me. It was not even eight oclock . People here are really exercise crazy. So gung ho. They, the men, should be swimming in the sea then they could have more distance. ( But actually this morning the tide was low.)

The pool has only five lanes. I better not disturb those guys though I know they would make way for me.  Anyway I have brought along my camera. I would better go snap snap. Take photos I mean.

As I walked down towards the sea shore I saw a woman was walking her dogs on the sandy beach. Three little puppies. The puppies were so agile, running here and running there and barking and the owner looked hardly able to control them. I dared not go near because if those highly active puppies come up to me I wouldn't know how to handle the situation. I am afraid even to touch cats what more the dogs. I have phobia. I dare not handle animals even the birds. I just like to photograph them.

I avoided them and went the other way and crossed the parking area to the other part of the beach where there are grass and trees along the shore line and hoping to meet up with some birds. There were birds there alright but were only could be heard but not seen. Too rich folliage on the shorter trees obstruct my view to the taller trees where birds like to perch.

I walked back to the club compound did some stretching and balancing exercises like standing on one foot while my eyes were looking out for birds in the trees outside the fence. This is really a case of tak ada kerja cari kerja. A retiree surely has no work so find some work if standing on one foot is ever a work.

My time was worth spending there anyway, at least I have done a little walking some exercise and had a polite chat with the gardener who was anytime never short of advice on gardening.

But the best of all that has happened this morning . . .  I saw a beautiful bird in the tree!

There is a bird in the tree

The colourful punai it surely is beautiful 

Ahh you may say oh no not that punai again . . .

No! This is a another punai in a different setting!

Cheers . . .


  1. Two years i made houses for birds. Quite a number. None of them stayed.

    1. The only way to keep them is to put them in cage but that is cruel.