Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Walking Alone

Hi friends

Some people like to go for their morning walk in groups. While walking they can chat and exchange info and news. Well . . . . it really are gossips!

How else can you make life a little interesting? Exchange the latest the funniest and the most hilarious.

So if you meet a group of women puffing and panting away don't think it was caused by their vigorous pulsating walk. Its their babbling and laughing all the way . . .

Same thing here on the tennis courts. The puffing and panting are usually from laughs and babbles . . . or sometimes from yelling out of anger, not at your friend but at yourself for hitting some foolish shots.

Joy of slapping
Group activity can be fun. There are people around to respond to your antics. You can laugh and let out screams. Feel the joy like being released.  An escape from the stress and the monotony of everyday life.

It depends on what type of person we are whether we are the gregarious type or loners.

Sometimes you like to do things alone like going for a walk. Not that you are particularly a loner but its easier this way because you don't have the time and patient enough to give in to the whims of others and they, may be to yours. They might not be able to keep up pace (not necessarily literally) with you and you to theirs.

When you go alone you don't have to wait on anybody who might not be punctual, nor you should expect be waited upon like a big shot if you are late to appear. On the trail you can stop where ever you want to. You can be serious, do some deep thinking and don't have to laugh at the not so funny jokes and you don't have to crack your head to reciprocate. In fact you are cutting out all the unnecessary 'noise' by being alone.

When you walk alone you yourself decide which path to take. If you happen to swerve no one will be there calling out for you to walk straight on. That is a disadvatage unfortunately. But then if you take a turn and nobody calls you back you might come up to whole new experience. Who knows.

Unless you are so timid and too scared of going alone you don't need others to show you the way and be accompanied all the time. Why let others lead you when they themselves are not free of stumbles and of taking the wrong turns. We shouldn't be like cows of the herd mentality kind. By the way some cows by themselves know where the green pastures are.

Hey what am I writing about? I have digressed.

Actually I only wanted to write simply about my morning walk which ended in bird watching. About seeing so many birds flying high but none could be captured in the photos. About the meet up once again with the scaly breasted munia.

Birds are free to fly high

Forever in the search

But down here among the grass

If you care to look and to find

And care to dig around

Are worms and flies

And insects of all kinds to feast upon

Scaly Breasted Munia 

So friends sorry for my digression. But give a thought to it  ok?

We'll meet again in the coming entry.

Till then . . .bye . . .


  1. haha I used to learn on how to play tennis during my studies. It was quite though! We need to control our hands to hit the ball. Hands position and body posture help you to hit the ball too. It's a tiring sport for me because I ended up chasing over the ball more than hitting the ball.

    1. Tennis is an enjoyable sport. I encourage you to continue since you have learnt to play the game before. Once you play regularly and you get the grip of it you will soon fall in love with the game.

      Thanks for the return visit.