Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Buttercream Roses On Cupcakes

Hello everyone

Lately I was bitten by this bug again and I keep thinking and planning how to address this itch. Ho ho no not talking about the sandfly again. This, this 'sweet activity' which seems to be suddenly catching up on me again. Yes I have neglected it until just lately.

Yeah you guess it right. Baking and cake decorating. My blog is about cheering up life with hobbies and pastimes so it is just appropriate that I include this in my blogging which by the way is something I love to do.  I am not turning my blog into a cookery or baking or cake decorating blog. Am not qualified. Its just that I like doing all these and I would want to share my experience with my blog readers.

Last week a friend asked if I could bake for her some cupcakes and decorate it appropritely as a hantaran. She wanted it to be simple but sweet enough for the purpose.

Of course I said yes. This is a chance for me to have another small baking project  I offered to do it for her foc. And so I did.

I only had one and a half days. I don't mean I need 36 hours to bake those little cakes. I have to reserve some time for mistakes you see. I do not want to break my promise, what if at the last moment the whole thing turn out to be a mess, something of an embarrassment. I am not a professional, just a humble homemaker. Must give allowance for mistakes.

I finished baking at nearly one in the morning.

Uneven browning, the oven's fault haa

The next morning I decorated the cake. It was difficult to decide on the colour. If possible I would like to have a colour as vibrant as this flower.

Desert rose 
Or how about this more subdued colour of nature

Flower (name?) in my garden

I tried experimenting with the colours but I didn't like it too dull for the occasion.

Dull coloured 'flower'
 I have only a few food colors in my keeping. So I settled for something brighter and sweet though I wish I had other choice.

Bright colours, no more

So here's my masterpiece . . .

Buttercream roses piped using the russian piping tips

A box of cupcakes anyone?
Pheww . . ,what a relief. All done and ready for delivery.

And today I am getting a free lunch hehe.

Ok will be with you in my next entry . . . 

Bye . . .


  1. Did u remember me when you baked those cakes.

  2. sangat menarik....rasa macam tak mahu makan...

    ambil idea dari alam semulajadi....menarik