Monday, 20 March 2017

Just Thinking

 Hi all

The weekend is over and its Monday again today.

In my old working days I never would welcome mondays with enthusiasm. In fact several hours before that it was really the sunday night blues. And I nonsensically wished that there were more days to a weekend.

On anticipating a weekend I welcomed friday with gladness and envisioned a happy weekend with the family, eating dining jalan jalan and do recreation together as what a family should enjoy.

But  most weekends for me was a time to settle all the week long backlog of house work and you know what those were. Very seldom you get what you wish to do because the precious hours were robbed away by the chores.

Indeed I felt saturdays passed too fast. The only day the mind was free from thinking about work or about going to work. Don't you know the traffic snarls in the morning? Ever experience getting stuck in a traffic jam? Have seen the husbands fidgety fingers on the steering wheels (?) as the wifes next to them applying lipstick in gusto ha ha. Everybody was so edgy as the clock ticked away and you were no where near your office.

Sunday morning would be occupied by marketing and buying and preparing provisions. Half of the day would be wasted on this. I wonder why I took so much time doing what I did. Lembap? ha ha. May be like most working women I was only trying to be organised.

Sunday afternoon would be a pay back time . . . for sleep. You need that. But on waking up it hit on you . . .  the fear of the monday. Through the night you would be thinking about tomorrow . . .hence the sunday night blues.

I notice people now have different attitude. As busy as they are they juggle their home, work and play easily so it seemed. The weekend is time of joy. A time to refresh.

Perhaps the situation is different now. Advanced communication and technology enable life not to be so manual like my life was. You can even order your breakfast lunch or dinner online. When you come back from a movie the delivery boy is there at your door step bearing your food. What a good life . . . if you are not thinking about the cost . . .

Anyway I don't grudge anybody or anything . Just thinking. As an old timer I try to fit in and go with the flow and try not to miss on anything good in this new world hehe.

Never too old to enjoy this

Happy(?) Monday to all . . .

Bye . . .

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