Monday, 27 March 2017

World Sparrow Day Is On 20th March.


Do you know that 20 March is World Sparrow Day?

Today is 27 March one week past already but its not too late to celebrate the World Sparrow Day by having a post dedicated to the sparrow today.

"World Sparrow Day is a day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and other common birds to urban enviroments, and threats to their populations , observed on 20 March" - from Wikipedia

Here around my house at times there are lots of sparrows. Seeing them always flying around makes me think that their population is not decreasing at all. But then my area is not considered urban. Its more rural than urban.

And I am kind 😉 and never a threat to the sparrows.

The birds build their nests under the eaves of the roof. I don't mind them being there. Their noisy chirping is not really a bother in fact it gives an air of cheerfulness especially in the morning.

What bothers me is when they bring in their building  materials like dried grass dried leaves and even twigs they are not careful enough ( careless like humans!). They drop it around and through the spaces of the louver windows on to the floor inside the house.

That is not so bad actually. These birds I sometimes see fight among themselves because they are so many of them squeezing into the hollow area between the roof and the wall. They peck at each other and their feathers would drop into the house.

The worst is their droppings. You can see it on the glass panes and on the edges of the window frame. Say if you leave the house or even if you are at home but not aware of whats happening after a few days the place is a mess and of course it is not hygienic. One additional task for the woman of the house. Hmm.

Its ok ok . . . they too want a place in this world so let them . . . just clean up.

To most of us old kampung people we don't give a hoot to the little birds. It is so ordinary and you can see them everywhere. They are small dull and not colourful. You just dismiss them. May be they can only excite the very young children.

Do justice to the sparrows. They exist for a reason. They with all other birds have their roles in the ecosystem. They help to spread seeds, they help in pollination. They also help to get rid of pest (insects) in gardens and vegetable farms. Want to know more of their roles in nature you can google yourself.

Meanwhile watch them. Appreciate them. Take their photos.

Sparrow on guava tree 

Sparrow perched on a mulberry branch after catching an insect

The sparrow is quite beautiful on a closer look

There you have it the common sparrow which most of us are very familiar with. Let us be aware that
20 March is World Sparrow Day!

Happy birding . . .

Bye . . .


  1. Now I am aware of this Sparrow Day! Thanks...

  2. burung kecil biasanya datang berkumpulan..jangan gdihiraukan.

    1. salah ayat diatas...."jarang dihiraukan"

  3. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.