Friday, 22 January 2016

#Oriole the Yellow Bird Came Knocking


Cooking curry is my forte. I was born into a family where curry makes almost the everyday main dish. but lately I myself think the taste is not par excellence. Why was that.

Perhaps its the curry powder. May be not. Or may be my method because lately I try to do a shortcut. You know something like dumping and mixing everything inside the pot and cook without controlling the flame properly.

So do it the proper way
  1. Heat the pot.
  2. Put oil
  3. heat oil (must)
  4. Add in onions shallots garlic curry leaves halba campur and cumin fry to bring out the aroma.
  5. Put in curry paste -- LOWER the flame. Cook until the oil comes out. This takes time. be patient, This is the step I think that can make or break the curry taste.(By this time the whole house should be smelling of curry)
  6. Put in the tamarind juice-coconut milk mixture making sure ratio of tamarind juice is higher.
  7. Put salt
  8. Put fish lady fingers tomatoes and green chilies. Boil on moderate flame until just cook.
  9. Sprinkle a little sugar..yes yes ..

One day while I was cooking can't really remember whether it was curry or some other dish I noticed this outside my window

Usually I can hear its call but difficult to see because its hiding among the thick foliage of the gigantic rambutan tree on my neighbour's land.

It came onto a dukong branch just outside

Don't tell me it was the curry smell....

This is at the back window

hO  hOO

These photos were taken earlier on....                                                                     

Such a beauty with pink lips beak black brow yellow plumage almost glowing

But always on the lookout ready to take a flight

Now gone so far away

That's all for now.


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