Monday, 4 January 2016

#Eagle Went Hunting..

Hi all

The birds are eagles. I think not everybody knows that birds' name.. Some people say they are common in Malaysia but for me this is my first "close" encounter with the birds though I have lived for so long in rural Malaysia.

I found the nest by chance.

One day while I was swimming backstroke in the pool the sound of shrieking birds caught my attention. I stopped and nearly sank. Whoaa ..the eagles were attacking the crows. Chasing and attacking. The eagles were so fixed  and aggressive. It was an air combat.

While treading water I watched.  My eyes followed the flight of one the eagles which then perched on a tree branch.

It was a tall casuarina tree.

On my way back I took a turn after the club house and approached the tree. The nest was there... up there.

The next day and days after I kept going to the place to try to take some pictures.. I must be patient. That's a requirement and a good camera with telescopic lens of course. But I don't have a great camera with all the equipment. I only own a humble one. I cannot get fabulous images. But suffice for me to snap and snap. These pictures in my computer are for me to flip through  at quiet moments  ....a therapy. Today we'll share.

Lets see some of the pictures and create a story....

 I am going out to get some food

Someone is wathing us

Don't you worry sayang they only shoot photos . . .

We are the protected . . .

Bye bye

Hey there!!

Here I come




I  get it . . . 
the END.

Wait for next change...

Note: When in danger the crows call out "CAH!" to warn their friends,,do google..

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