Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Raya - The Week That Was With The #Hawk Watching

Hi everyone,

Still in the mood, a belated Selamat Hari Raya from me

A little raya deco for the house

On the eve friends and neighbours came over for takbir raya

A simple spread at late night takbir raya

Its a time for wishing and forgiving

Young and old happy together
On the morning after having done all things serious and solemn . . . 

Sitting pretty with all new dress

Its the family affair . . .  duit raya he he

Lucky is the one who has an aunty

Then ho ho ho ho balek kampung

Our kampung is called Sandy Mountain (translated)
Another view from the kitchen
Bright and gay at the doostep to welcome guests

Some kampung activities

Old style cooking prep
Your dish not sour enough just pluck that lime
Thirsty? pluck the coconut
After the ketupat and lemang take a rest under the rambutan tree
Homeward bound

Beautiful scenery even through sleepy eyes

On the next day again makan makan

Forget about dieting 

And play time and chat time

We play lego while our parents chit chat
On the next day  . . . aaahhh

Meaning . . . everybody's home. . . 
We stop celebrating on the third day because some of us have started the puasa enam. We will continue later ha ha ha.

Don't tell me that all this while some one was watching us. . .

The hawk
Watching us ?

This hawk becomes more daring day by day coming nearer to the house. . .

Ok will end here. Hope to be back soon with more entertaining entries.

Be happy. . .

Bye . . .