Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Images Lost

Hi again

This post is supposed to be about a wedding to which I was invited on the fourth of Shawal.

The mother of the bridegroom is only an aquaintance but I regard her as some one special. For quite some time we have lost contact because I ceased to be a member of the NGO so I no longer attend meetings where we would meet .

She still has not forgotten me and care to invite me and I thought it would be rude if I don't attend. Since my spouse is doing the puasa enam we went there a bit late.

Well at this juncture I would be putting up images of the decor which I find was very interesting. It was a mix of Indian and Arabian culture .

The bersanding was on the grandly built dais while the berzanji group seated on the stage next to the dais. They belted out their marhaban with gusto filling the grand hall with the Islamic feel.

Later on there was lively Indian cultural dances performed.

And the glittering dresses ala bollywood . . . .

It was all nice and beautiful .

BUT alas I lost all the images in my phone . . . what a clumsy me . . .

Only this image of the large wedding card snapped just now . . .to be the evidence , , ,

9"x 9" invitation card in 3 pieces
I am no expert in this digital thingy. All the young people who may be able to help have gone back.

I went online to look for the solution and I found a free software Dr. Fone for image recovery for phone. I downloaded it and applied. The scanning took so much time. But in the end  the images still could not be recovered. Since I am busy preparing for the Raya do to be held this weekend . . . time is not on my side to ever try again, so let it be . . . lost . . . sayang . . .

I am still fretting over the loss of the images but then things happen the way it is supposed to. What else can I say to excuse myself. Hmmph.

Anyway , never mind.

Lets see some latest images of the #hawk . . .

There on top of lamp post

awkward position

Have eyes like a hawk . . .

Time to end . Hope to be back soon.

Till then bye. . .

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