Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Beetle

Hello all

Yesterday I accidently deleted images from my camera. Blame it on my not so nimble fingers trying to do things faster than it can.

And the camera it is so sensitive it set off deleting so fast that took me by surprise. I fumbled to remove the battery but too late. Alas the new images just taken the previous day which were not yet loaded into the computer could not be saved.

They were images of the beetle in the morning sun. The small creature look great with its wings so colorful, dazzling and shining reflecting the soft sun light.

In the  afternoon I spotted another beetle in a different location ( it might be the same beetle) but under the afternoon light it was not the same. Just one dark black thing.

Under the afternoon light and I am focussing from bottom pulak

Determined to get the photograph this morning I went to look for the beetle at the original place. Yes it was there flying over and stopping on the fence like making imaginary loops in its path.

The images are better but not the same as the ones deleted. The wings and body did not reflect the same amount of light as the other day hence less glitter.

Here are the pictures



After many flights take a long rest

Thats it the beetle. Some people don't like the beetle.

Some like Volkwagen Beetles.

Some still like the Beatles.

Ok that is all for this entry. Will be back for another one soon.

Bye . . .


  1. klau ada orang tengok akak tengah ambil gambar ni mesti dia rasa pelik kan...tengahbuat apa la tu...sebba kumbang ni kan kecil ja hihihi

  2. hanya orang yang minat photography ja faham...