Sunday, 24 July 2016


Hi everyone

People like me who is all the time fighting the bulge would always welcome days when you don't have to cook. There is the chance that you would skip a meal or two and thought you would just survive the day with fruits and water only and therefore cutting down the calorie intake.

So when my spouse announced that he would be attending a kenduri I responded with gladness. Haa no cooking today yeay. Mmmm like children. Yaa there is always that young mischievious little girl in every woman.

So I would have fruits only for the day.

Opening the fridge to reach for fruits but the eyes caught on the left over sambal from previous night. It was too tempting. Hmm there was also some frozen roti paratha . There goes my diet . . .

Takes so little time to prepare

Pile on the pounds with this

Making life easy
Just a minute or two
And its ready 


It takes such a strong will not to go for another one.

Get away!
Get out
Jump in here
 Walk here
Or play here

Or go into the garden

Need trimming

Thats how I burn off the calories

Reminder; eat more fruits

Choose fruits in season
Choose the best ones

Eat to your satisfaction . . .  no harm . . . 

So have a healthy diet today

Have a great day . . .

Bye . . .

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