Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Raya Open House

Hi everyone

As indicated in my last post the intention of organising a raya open house . . . yes it materialised.

But before we had fun on the day the night before that we the four siblings and our children held a tahlil for our parents who had passed away a long time ago. May their souls be blessed. It was a touching moment. The prayer was imam by my brother and the du'a was read by my hubby who also led us recite the Surah Yaseen.

After that we had a simple dinner - rice, beef soup, fried pickled fish from the kampung and simple jelly gula melaka for dessert by yours truly.

Cooking for the night outside the house

You can take me out from the kampung but you cannot take the kampung out from me...ikan pekasam !

After the tahlil we continued with the cooking for the raya do. We were not so ambitious only wanted a simple menu but we ended up with quite a number of dishes .

Let the pictures tell the story . . .

Laksa cap Juara from the north
Kuah laksa in the stock pot hot hot

No sweat making this, use the pressure cooker

Peanut sauce to get the right taste I rasa sampai kenyang!

Need a cleaver to prise open the bamboo to get the inside pulut
Rendang at initial stage 

Only wings by amature chef
The grilling and the sweltering heat. Take shade under the tree.

"Chilli splashed" chicken
Not too hot chilli prawn

And others such as

And not to forget this favourite drink

Asam boi lime mint drink

The host

The guest
The doctors were around so not to worry in case you eat sampai pengsan
Apart from enjoying the food in the midst of chatterings and laughters there was nothing else.  No music no singing no dancing but still everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

All in all the do was a success me think.

We finish off the day by playing bubbles . . .

The big bubble

Well that was our raya do.

There was another attraction on that day I am putting it up on the next entry.

Meet you there.

For the moment, bye . . .

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