Sunday, 3 July 2016

In Different Light

Hello everyone

The month Ramadhan is ending and Shawal is coming.

Most people are in a frenzy preparing for the Aidil Fitri. Sprucing up the house, shopping, baking, cooking etc.

Still some are in a football frenzy ha ha.

Euro cup flask and mug

But myself is really not in the mood because I kind of feel missing on Ramadhan which is passing off so very fast. A mixed feeling when anticipating Shawal.

The joy and happiness of Shawal will just end at the afternoon of the first day. Thats how I usually feel. Its kind of nostalgic. So I am like having a feeling of reluctance to let go of Ramadhan.

I think this feeling stem from my childhood experience. Again!

In those days the only time we were allowed to play in the night was during the puasa month usually from the fifteenth up to the eve of Hari Raya.

Why because of the full moon of course.

And when the moon was no more bright towards the end of the month the night was lighted by the oil lamps which every house would have. Remember there was no electricity yet in my kampung at that time. But after the Raya there was no more lamps in the compounds outside the houses and on the first night of the month the night was stark dark. Everyone wanted to save the kerosene now I think.

So although you look forward to the Hari Raya you would also miss the cheerful time of the Ramadhan.

Children now are having a good time.

Given everything even though they don't need all. Being taken for a shopping spree, given lavish treats at the buka puasa, driven to here and there visiting.

Of course I don't deny that there are children who are not getting such treatments but still they are lucky because there are the welfare and charity groups and wealthy people who care to share unlike those days where you were just left there to play in the mud.

I don't look back with a bad feeling or what.

I see life now in a different light.

I am very bershyukur for the time is good now and almost all of us have enough and no one go hungry. I am happy for the haves and full of encouragements for the haves not.

And as for me I don't ask for much and love to be simple in leading and appreciating this life.

Bee eater in the evening light

Bee eater in the evening light
Light and shadow effects on the colors of the bee eater

Time never stop moving
And wait for no one
So lets rejoyce and never miss a moment.

Have joy in your Raya prep.

Bye . . .


  1. cantik gambar burung raja udang tu....guna kamera mirrorless atau dslr?

  2. Tak cekap guna dslr nak senang saya guna Nikon Coolpix P900 Nikkor 83x optical zoom