Thursday, 28 July 2016



The sky again was rumbling in the early morning but around eight the weather was ok and so off to the swimming pool for a dip.

Today I got acquainted with a new person and from our conversation I think she is also one restless women just like me. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Hi been here often?

She: Almost everyday.

Me: How come we only meet today.

She: Different time. You come always at what time.

Me: Very early. Nice to swim in the morning. Sometimes me and my gang swim in the sea when the   water is high. Now not so  . . . less active  . . . .may be now we all older . . .less active.

She: Older should be more active if not all will jam . . .

Me:  You still working?

She:  I help my husband . . .he has a project here . . . before work I swim . . . I walk

Me: (inside my heart, I continue for her  . . . cook , wash, ironing and many more)

She: Children all big . . . me and husband only . . .now only have time to be here like this. Relax and   enjoy. Last time we lived in foreign country worked very hard  . . . pay children to college.

Me: Agreed. Last time where got time . . .Ya la all the time work work look after people. But ok la     children big already and become good people. We parents happy.

(Oh my English)

She: You swim well.

Me: Thanks. I see you can swim too.

She: I have been swimming but will never go to deep end. This pool is deep . . . that end.

Me: Yes ten feet. You go quarter distance then you go half . When you gain confidence go to the end.Once done you will be ok. Just keep on swimming.

Think I have enough for today.

She: See you around.

Me: See you.

Do birds talk?

Will not say more.

Cheers . . .

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