Wednesday, 3 August 2016

On The Top

Hello all

Its good you are happy with life everything falls in place and sometimes good things fall on your lap and makes you feel sitting on top of the world.

On many instances when your mind is at ease and thinking that nothing else is there to distrupt your tranquility there sure is something to surface and rob away that good feeling. Then you are feeling low again.

It could be your health.

You wonder from where you contracted this cold virus. Is it from some of the people you meet at those many raya open houses that you attended.

Nowadays people take to the trend of embracing and rubbing cheeks when expressing greetings at social meetings or gatherings. Some overdo and plant a kiss. Never mind sincere or not. Something new aquired by our people. Or may be I am just one old woman ignorant on social graces.

Mmmm greetings
Well for me embracing and pecking on the cheeks are only for daughter and cucus, and close relatives and long time friends I seldom meet to express love and happiness. For others a handshake or a salam is suffice to show cordiality.

But then when people approach you happily with arms open to embrace you and straight go peck your cheeks to express their pleasure in meeting you how can you withdraw. How can you kill all the excitement. And you get it from almost everybody not just the welcoming gesture of the hostess.

My conclusion is as good as yours on how the virus got transmitted. He heh.

Catching on cold and cough can really make you feel down. And down time too in all things you like doing. Feverish. With all the cogestion inside and the lungs trying to cough out thats what make you feel miserable what more with the hackings all night long disturbing your sleep.

Mmm let it be, let the cold runs its phase ten days at least usually for me. Feeling low on such a little reason  is not so much a distress. I should be thankful and gratified at the sustenance and safety endowed upon me in this beautiful life and of course of the occasional extras that can make one feels being on top of the world.

Well talking about the top  . . .

At the very top 
Need to struggle to be at the top
When at the top enjoy looking down
Enjoy all the perks
But its a precarious position
Sometimes top place need to be shared
If not its quite lonely
Would anyone envy

When you get sick you go to talking nonsense. Forgive me if I just did. Sometimes you see truth when you are feeling low.

Must wish myself to get well soon.

Health and happiness to all readers.

Bye . . .

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