Saturday, 20 August 2016

Not At Home

Hello everyone

My stay away from home just ended and now I am back in my "rural"  home. Well it is nice to be back where my heart really is. Not saying that my stay in the other home was not nice. It was nice. I was quite happy there if not for me being under the weather.

When you are sick you got to sit around in the house. It would be so boring if not for this

Keep on watching even if you don't know how the game is played ha haa

My plan to go do a little exploration did not happen due to the flu. When I got better unfortunately the botanical garden was closed. I guess it was their maintenance day. So next time. Ahh . . .  there's so many next time already. The first time I went there it was many years ago before we bought the house in the neighbouring prescint. Now it is so near yet . . .

So I just went for walks around the neighbourhood. This location is supposed to be urban but I see forest and trees all around just like how it is in the kampung. In the morning I could see birds in flight in twos and threes doing their air show . . .

Fringing the residential area are the yet to be developed land. Trees and bushes and lalangs occupy the vacant spaces. Seen some birds there. A walking bird, I think it was a waterhen, ran into hiding when I moved in. Missed the bird but there was something else .

See what I found . . . homes belonging to "somebody"

Two nests there
Dangling from the high branch
This is the one furthur in hung from a low branch
A closer look . . .unique
Peep in . . . hoi . . . no one inside?

These nests were woven by the burung tempua. Or known as the weaver bird if I am not mistaken. Small birds compared to the big nest. Hmm like most of us who like to have a big house. But the birds built their own unique home.

Hope those who come across these beautiful nests do not touch it. Some people may want to adorn their gardens with these nests.

kalau tidak berada ada 
masakan tempua bersarang rendah    - one famous old proverb.

Wish you enjoyed reading this post.

Till next entry. . .

Bye . . .

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