Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Seeking Relief

Hello everyone

Today I really don't feel like doing anything as I have yet to recover fully from this flu. Sit in front of the tv and watch whatever comes on the screen. Don't really can enjoy the programs because I keep going to the wash basin to clear the throat. This cough seems too slow to go off. What more the fruit season is in now. Not that I have indulged in the durian or the rambutans that much but cannot stop myself from tasting that one dukong fruit which triggered the cough. Don't know what can stop this persistent cough. I am losing patience.

I am away from home now resting in another place which also could be referred to as home. But of course I am away from the club where I use to go for swimming and tennis. I sure miss both. But then its better for me to get well first before going back for the sports. So here I sit and try to write. Ideas don't come easy . . . sigh . . . and the coughs do not spark ideas . . .

I think tomorrow I must make a point to move, move. I must go for a little walk don't care if I'll be coughing all the way. I hope the walking can get the stubborn cough away. The health article I read says some exercise is good to help clear the condition.

To take a walk along this path
Watch out for stinging insects
Its sting can trigger a problem
And tomorrow I also must wait outside the house with the camera. Previosly on many occasions I saw some big birds like heron flew pass over this area.  Hope it will fly this way again tomorrow for me to capture it. That will be interesting. And perhaps it can take away the mind from all the discomfort.

Mean time lets find some interesting picture in my album.

These pictures were taken from a distance . The small birds were moving non stop. The sun shining hard . What else? My camera and me have limitations  haa. . . any way . . .

May you have enjoyed reading this post.

Bye . . .

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