Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Right To Be Happy

Hello again

I am just back from reading an article on the internet. About blogging. It says blogging is diminishing media as now people are flocking to facebook twitter instagram whatsApp etc. Blog is supposed to lag behind.

Mmm I just started blogging and quite like it . For a long time I have wanted to start a blog only the beginning of this year I manage  to push myself into doing it. And I am happy that I started. Better late than never. Now whenever I feel like writing I have a place and make efforts to do it a little proper than just scribbling on any paper and then it ended you know where.

Do I get readers for my blog. Yes of course but not many out of the number of page views I am getting. I am aware and understand the existence of spams and bots and crawlers and spiders that give false numbers.

So be it I will just write. Most of the time writing for myself. My writting is not that good enough to attract much readership. I am happy to write anyway.

Why I choose to write in English which is not my mother tongue the reason being not wanting to forget it. Seldom use it in speaking and very little in writing. Only in reading. When writing the more I write the more words I can't find to express myself and so I spend more time looking up for the right words. This way I hope to enrich my vocabulary. Do I sound like a school kid.

I learned English in my schooldays decades ago.  I use it very little in my everyday life ever since I left school.  Now I would only communicate in English with only a few people  ya my tennis friends. So if there are flaws in my grammer and choice of words it is understood. I don't mind being criticised even.

People say you must read other people's blog do blogwalking and leave trails. There is a chance people might pay a return visit. To tell the truth since I retire blog reading occupies most of my time when at home. Blogsites and websites. From politics to cookery. Until sometimes I thought I have visited all which is impossible because every new day I found blogs which I have not yet visited. Don't get me wrong I dont read rubbish. Of course as humble as I am I still have standard if not . . class haa.

When I read those many blogs I would sometimes comment usually under anonymous. You can say I am timid. Especially on our local political blogs. So heated. Sometimes I got bashed up. Most of the time actually I read personal blogs cookery blogs and medical websites and not to forget the " how to"s. There are so many things I don't know and how  I thought if I have had access to all the infos in my younger days I would have been a very knowledgable person now. And my life would have been different.  At this time I could be addressing high profiles personalities or conducting a board meeting instead of typing nothings on this computer ha . . .

Now since I have my own blog I sometimes leave my trails in blogs I found interesting. Who knows the blog owners might make return visits. But one thing I notice most local bloggers are young and I kind of feel funny to be blogging at this age. But I think by reading their blogs I can understand the young people better, the lives and aspiration of young people. I too have young people around me in real life. Reading the young people's blogs can put me in a lighter mood compared to too much reading of  political blogs the content of which sometimes are too much to stomach.

I have come across foreign blogs by older more matured bloggers. Their literary prowess make me feel so small. Postings with great contents. Great prose. Beautiful poetry. Breadth taking photos. They are all to be admired . . . from afar.

As you can see my blog is so simple in presentation and no fancy design. May be later I will tweak to make it better as for now I concentrate to try make good posts. I am working hard in trying to make the content interesting like choosing the right images to upload. I prefer to use my own photos even though they are not as good as those found on the internet. Those pictures are not so easily photographed. It takes time and efforts . . . and money as I wanted a better camera. Any way I am happy with what I do. If the happiness can catch up on to you then so much the better.

You may find that my blogposts a little immature or childish even.  That don't really portrays the person I am. Its just that my general attitude towards life now is not to take things too seriously, too religiously. At any age a person has the right to be his or her own self and to be happy in their own way without being harped on to be correct always. Or being influenced trying hard to keep up with the joneses. Especially for a person who through out her working life needed to be serious and matured and felt always being under pressure  now is the time to be children again . . .you agree?

I have said quite a lot but leading nowhere as usual. Never mind lets look at some pictures I took a few days back . . .

The feathers don't look good anymore
Do groom it back to perfection
What really happened?

The bird in the pictures above looks kind of sad. The plumage is not as beautiful as it should be . Has it been battered by someone? Kesian.

Will end here for today. Happy reading.

Bye . . .

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